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  1. Well, the title is probably a bit more... invigorating, right?~

    I'm looking for people to do RPs with. It's as simple as that, really. I prefer playing original characters over canon characters any day, as most of the time I tend to really get into the mindset of the character I "envision" I'm playing, and then that persona tends to bleed over the actual canon character's persona...

    Basically, I like playing characters I make.

    That being said, I like open, freeform RPs with a lot of options. Simple plot? Complex plot? Open plot? It doesn't matter, I love 'em all. They all have their own flavors to them.

    As a little tidbit about me... I started roleplaying back when Xanga was still a thing. It probably is still in existence, but I just don't have the interest to check and see if it's still kickin' or not.

    I'm also a programmer.

    while(Has RP partner != true) {
    System.out.println("Me sad...");

    ... or you could put

    while(Has RP partner != true) {
    cout << "Me sad...";

    For you C++ people...


    Anyways, feel free to post here or shoot me a PM. I'm a carefree soul, so if you prefer to be lascivious i can also get pretty perverse.~ if you're just looking for a good plotline and a bit of romance, then that's completely fine too.

    Anyways, come on down! I'll post plot ideas I have here later on. I'll be eagerly waiting.~
  2. Hello!! Are you looking for anything in particular? I can RP pretty much anything. Also, I'm in school for programming!!
  3. Mmm, in particular? Not really. I just enjoy roleplaying. There are times I do get massive flood of inspiration that bleeds out my ears and into my lap and whatnot, but those are rather... spontaneous.

    That's awesome to hear though! How far are you in? I can program in Java, C, C++, and Lisp somewhat fluently so far, but I still have a ways to go. I'll be graduating this coming semester too.~
  4. This will actually be my first semester haaaa ':D I'm taking intro to apps and intro to programming, and then next semester (summer) I'll start on java hopefully.

    Hmmmm well, are you into fantasy stuff? Like magic or dragons or whatever? I'm rereading the Inheritance series right now so it's in my head right now haha
  5. Hahaha, well I hope your introduction isn't too bad. Some people just don't seem to catch on to things for a while, but once you catch on, it should stick like superglue.~

    Fantasy is probably my favorite genre to play in! I can think of so many options for characters it kinda tends to get unreal. I've read the Inheritance series myself, though it's been a while. Since it's in your head right now I take it you enjoy it?~
  6. Welcome to the forum, new anime lead character. Just be careful not to bounce in the rabid rabbit holes.
  7. Yay! I'll try to not bounce into danger.~

    And do I need a catchphrase now? Those can be kinda niche, no?
  8. I love it! Granted the second book can get a bit...wordy for me, but I appreciate the effort Paollini puts into describing the surroundings. I'd be more than happy to plot out something fantasy related!! What's your favorite kind? Wizard type stuff (like Harry Potter) or more medieval fantasy (dragons, elves, dwarves)? Personally I love playing dwarves but mostly I just love a good adventure!
  9. You seem like a real breath of fresh air. I'll definitely send you an invite when I get my thread up and running. You don't mind group RP's do you?
  10. Thank ya!

    I don't mind group RPs at all.~ If you wouldn't mind giving me a short summary of what it'll be in your PM, I'd like to have an idea of what it'll be about and what you're going for with it.
  11. Hey if you have any real plots in mind or whatever I dont really care, I'd be pretty interested you seem pretty metal.
  12. Haha, thank ya, though I don't exactly get what you mean by metal.

    That being said, that means you'd like to RP? If you wanna plot then go ahead and throw me a PM or something with what you'd prefer and whatnot. Didn't expect to have so many visitors this soon. o3o
  13. Means awesome.

    And yea I like to RP... don't really have any plots though... I'm just a kind of person that just goes with the flow but pretty much any kind of plot I should be cool with I think.
  14. you seem interesting, I would love to rp with you. You seem to have a bunch of energy. It was stated up above that you have nothing in mind. Well if you ever get some random inspiration I could rp with you.
  15. Righto! When my brain decides to conjure up something I'll let you know.~
  16. Hmmm...

    I could use another RP to fill the void between the two I'm already part of. And you sound... interesting. I do original, I do aliens in fantasy/sci-fi. Aaaand I'm about to lose access to internet, so hear from you later.
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