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  1. Currently on-hold due to current RP having increased importance!

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    I'm back-ish and looking to join a RP.

    I'm already in one roleplay (on another site), but it's going slow right now, and even when it was highly active, I could keep up with it easily. I wish to see if I can manage RPing 2 characters at once, though I'm not interested in making another character for the one roleplay, even after it picks back up in speed.

    This is rather experimental for me, so it'd be better for you if you don't invite me into any roleplays that require a member that will 100%-sure stay.

    Currently Looking For: Something Light-hearted

    • Only seeking non-libertine.

    • I suggest you read my Roleplay Resume. Your RP doesn't have to include everything I like, but the fewer things that are in it that I dislike, the better.

    • There is nothing that would automatically get me to join your roleplay, and I can be quite picky, so there's no hard feelings from me if I reject your invitation.

    • I have a lot of questionable interests, though I understand others may not like or be comfortable with them. I respect this, and I don't often bring them up, anyway.
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  2. If you're still interested in finding more roleplays to join, may I suggest This One. It has modern fantasy elements.
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  3. TCP's Chronicles - Slayer Lore: Group RP. This is my personal group RP I am attempting to start up, if you wish to look at it, I did not look at your resume, but I hope you find this interesting. Thanks.
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