Seeking to rp. 1x1 MxM.

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  1. Hello, I"m Rareraven, if you want you can call me just raven.
    I have been rping for five years now, however I have had a few who have disappeared on me over the years without an explanation.
    I am a college student, but I respond to posts and messages as soon as I can.
    I enjoy mostly romance and drama.
    I enjoy rping fandoms, Au's are enjoyable as well.
    As for Oc's, I like are family themed or highschool.


    6teen( if anyone can remember this show)
    Avatar the air bender
    Code Lyoko
    Dragon Ball Z
    Harry Potter
    Legand of Korra
    Teen titans
    90s cartoons
    Winx club ( specialist or gender bent)

    If you have any other suggestions I'd like to hear them.
    Either send me a message or you may post on the thread.
  2. Still seeking rp buddies.
  3. I'm interested in rping with you :)
    I don't normally do fandoms but I could try 6teen or harry potter or disney
  4. Still seeking.
  5. Zootopia anyone?
    Just saw the movie.
  6. still looking?
  7. Yes
  8. do you only do Fandoms?
  9. I'll do something Avengers related with you.
  10. Still seeking.
  11. Anyone care to do a Jurassic world rp with me?
  12. Hey, I'd love to do yours, but unfortunately, I dont really have any chars for any of those.. i mainly just have original Ocs that don't really go with any thing other than a huge story thing I got.