Seeking title for rp (INVITE ONLY!)

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  1. To Love a Demon

  2. The Claim-Children

  3. Hunt for Love

  4. Innocence and the Devils

  5. Heat of Bride

  6. The Sins and the Sinners

  7. Childen of Flames

  8. The Predator's Woman

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  1. Oh crap....I totally forgot his new name since he changes it all the time... >.<

    Yeah, can you tag him? I have no idea how to do so since he has all that weird stuff in his name V.V
  2. I keep telling him to stop but... I would say name change is his like total addiction lol. ^^ No worries , I will snag him in.

    Justin Darling , your needed!
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  3. Can't wait to get thus going :)
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  4. I call boy Lust o w o

    For humans.... I'll play a scardy cat. Idk if I'll be boy or girl though
  5. Female Lust for little me!

    I will also do Brave Girl. ^^
  6. SISTAR O W O"
  8. Omg X,3. Yay!~ I'm still hashing out his personality, but I am fairly certain I have a good idea
  9. Well now we must work on it together. Sibling duo :D
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  10. I put you as female lust for now, I'm trying to have it where everyone gets their first choice and then go back for second characters
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  11. Okay, so I know @Andy and @Frey were both talking about Pride for male. Need one of you to pick who is going with what. @Andy, if you really want to, I can give you wrath, but, he has to be different!
  12. I would like to play pride but if Andy really wants him it is fine, I will look for a different demon, maybe Wrath and Lust dependent on who is free.
  13. Also, I need to know. Real or anime?
  14. Thanks for the tag and... since everyone seems to be fighting over boy Pride... who I would have taken... I call Boy Envy my third favorite sin xD and can we have more than one char because I would like guy Loud Mouth and girl Good.
  15. Also real pics I vote real.
  16. I'm not that much into pride that I'll be crushed if I don't get him XD if you want pride you can have him man I'm cool with it. I can make a different wrath :) I also vote for anime pics over real ones.
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  17. If you write Prince it will usually pop up lol since there aren't many Princes in Iwaku lol
  18. I figured it out, I tried to tag you, but, iwaku was being stupid and wouldn't I had Shay do it
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