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  1. Hello! I've started work on a roleplay that takes place in a high fantasy university teaching students the arts of combat. I have created a vague world to allow for any race and species to exist in this world, even ones created yourself. Currently the roleplay needs some teachers and some students. While I have compiled a list of classes, players may request classes of their own to expand on the schools curriculum.

    More information can be found here:

    I'm prepared to answer any questions in this thread or in the OOC thread linked above. If you don't think your character idea will fit in my roleplay, talk with me and I'm sure we can work it out! Thank you in advance.
  2. I definitely have an idea but I'm unsure if it's gonna be too OP. Basically I'd be playing a "Mermaid" type. Not a real mermaid, because she'd have legs for a few hours at a time. She'd have some very strong magic, but due to her culture is outcast because of it.

    She can do illusions, she can see the future, she can mind control people.

    The first is what she relies on the most.

    The second is intermittent, in debilitating visions that freeze her body and leave her senseless. She can't control when they come.

    The third is something she knows she is capable of, but she fears the power so much. It is this that causes her kin to hate her, the fact that she can do it at all. She has never done so consciously, and in fact has worked to bury that skill so that it is no longer reflexive.

    Basically, she has a great deal of power, but no agency to use it. She'd come to the school to get a better handle on her magic, thinking that they could teach her to control it, and then repress it. Maybe then she won't be hated.

    She would enroll for that... but I seriously doubt she'd get what she hoped for.

    In any case, I know the second two powers have the potential for serious god-mod/OP destructiveness. I also know that I'm new here, and new to you, so it'd require a massive element of trust that I have yet to earn. I do ask for a chance, though.

    Kassy doesn't use her powers because of the stigma she grew up with. Basically, because she possessed a certain magical bloodline, the general community treated her like they were just waiting for the day that she'd go bad, that she'd start hurting people. It didn't matter who she was, just who she was born from, what was in her bloodline, and ancient past.

    Er... I'm rambling, but please let me know if we can make this idea viable for your RP.

    Thank you!
  3. Illusions are ok, I can say that right off the bat, as with the race as the school sits on an island and it would be very easy for her to go into the sea when she needed to.

    However, to prevent character overlapping, our co-GM already has a character with divination and also has a harder time controlling when it happens. I'd have to discuss with her if it's ok to have two, but overall this can create continuity errors as well, I'm not sure if more than one person with any future sight is a good idea unless the two can work it out.

    As far as mind control, I am actually ok with this as long as it is designed in such a way that should it happen the victim has the ability to prevent it or break free from it. In ways such as the victim is conscious and with a strong enough will can very well break free, or mental blocks in some cases to prevent the initial take over.
  4. That's all just fine. The visions are easiest to cut out- mostly because it's problematic in a group RP. I could just make Kassy see scraps of things that make no sense... Or visions that are pretty useless, like next week's lunch menu.

    The mind control is how I usually play it. If it happens that Kassy forces herself to use it, I would play it on an NPC. If there is another person involved, I'd ask them beforehand and write it out pretty clear that Kassy's power isn't perfect and it can be broken. In some cases people are even pretty close to immune. Another mentalist/psychic could brush her off, no trouble.

    Anything else?
  5. Shoot up a bio and my Co-GM and I will discuss, as long as you stick to common sense and logic you should be fine.
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