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  1. I have been a member for a while now and thought I would send out a request again.

    I am a 38 year old storyteller. Please note that I call myself a storyteller, not a roleplayer. In my humble opinion all storytellers are roleplayers but not all roleplayers are storytellers. I have used roleplay for over 15 years as a story telling medium, and I will be entirely honest my standards are very high.

    ~ I am looking for mature players. Age often denotes a more mature outlook and sensibility, but I have met some very gifted and level-headed younger writers. That said, I will NOT play with "blue stars" ever. Period. Good stories often take romantic turns and as a storyteller I love to weave romance through my tales and doing so with underage writers is inappropriate for a person my age in my opinion.

    ~ While grammar and punctuation do not have to be perfect in a good story but they should be consistently present, however, my hard and fast rule is "Paragraphs and Periods". I use paragraphs and periods to clearly denote the end of statements and sequences of action or thought, and desire partners who do the same.

    ~ My character or characters and the time I give to them are not toys. They are my talent, which I have been told for many years is quite good, and my time, which is precious. I see each of my partner's characters and my partner's time as just as valuable. Players who "bore and ignore" their commitments will not win my praise or friendship.

    ~ Whatever posting frequency we agree to in the beginning I will do my very best to meet and maintain. I expect the same.

    ~ I am seeking partners, not literary vampires who want to feed off my creative energy while contributing nothing. The ability to set hooks and take the bait are marks of a true teller of tales.

    ~ I can play both male and female characters in many varied settings and time periods. I tend to avoid historical because I feel it is too easy to mess with the "facts". My stories do not have to be libertine in nature. I am quite comfortable with fading to black.

    And lastly,
    Sometimes, even when I find other storytellers who share similar preferences and story interests, we simply do not click. Therefore, if I am not certain before going into a story about a player, I will ask for a trial period, usually lasting through the introductions of our characters. At which time, I give myself and my partner the chance to leave without hard feelings or discomfort.

    I do not have any set "pairings" or plot ideas to share. Below is a list of things that interest me and things that do not.

    {caption} {/caption}

    ~ Characters who are "human", meaning driven by a moral or ethical code as opposed to base animal instinct. Their code does NOT have to be in line with generally accepted social mores.

    ~ Male characters who have a sense of humor whether good or evil.

    ~ Female characters who don't think being a nurturer is a bad thing to be but don't think that means they have to be fragile.

    ~Believability and accuracy.

    ~ Supernatural


    ~Scifi adventures

    ~Players who like Doctor Who, Star Wars/Trek/Gate, and most importantly Firefly!

    ~Artfully crafted action{/td}


    ~ Over- powered characters, even in supernatural or powered characters with no discernible guiding principles.

    ~Male characters who are whiny, childish or child-like, who brood constantly.

    ~Female characters who are bitchy badasses.

    ~Historical romances


    ~Lord of the Rings elf knock-offs



    ~Anime and its physics{/td}
  2. Hello,

    I'm interested in storytelling with you, and honestly its interesting to see someone put it like that. I will admit I have no where near the amount of experience you do, but I'm always trying to challenge my writing skills. I'm 23 if that means anything to you (read your rules on age restriction, but I thought I would ask)? Let me know if you're interested please.


  3. Heya Tone! Gonna PM you. Brace yourself!
  4. I am only 19, and not completely confident that I'll be able to match up to your standards, but I am interested!
  5. Hi,

    I'm generally a slow rper, or well, slower. But if that does not bother you, and it looks as though it might not, I can promise that I will put effort and thought into each of my posts and enjoy a good challenge. I've never really considered roleplaying to be anything other than storytelling, though maybe not all of those stories told would be worth publishing... >.> So, putting in the time to develop and create something I'm satisified with is worth more to me than getting out as many posts as possible in one day.

    I think your trial period is a very good idea, though I must say I agree with most, actually, probably all of your post, it never hurts to make sure. So, if you're still looking, hit me up and we'll see what we can contrive, eh?
  6. Nem and Firejay, I have or am PMing you both now.
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