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  1. So, hey....

    I haven't very active lately but I have been wanting to get back into it for a while. Right now, I am looking for a Star Wars RP. Star Wars is my favorite series ever, I know a decent bit so I would prefer that you do too.

    What To Expect From Me (open)

    1. I live in timezone GMT +1
    2. I work from 10-7 almost every day and a little more when it is near Christmas. I will try to give you a post every day or every other day.
    3. I am a bit nit picky when it comes to partners.
    4. I write in 3rd person.
    5. I prefer MxM, but MxF is also acceptable. I prefer to play male but can play female if need be. I also prefer to stick to one main character.
    6. I really would like only OC characters.
    7. My post range is anywhere between 1-4 paragraphs depending on how much I have to work with and how into the moment I am.

    What I Expect From You (open)

    1. Basic knowledge and interest in Star Wars
    2. Willing to play an OC character.
    3. To give me at least 1-2 good solid paragraphs a post. I would much rather have a small post that is meaningful over a novel of pure and utter garbage.
    4. Decent spelling and grammar. If I have a hard time understanding sentences then I'm probvably going to cut you loose.
    5. Be a nice person.
    6. Willing to play over PM.
    7. Write in 3rd person.

    As for plots, I'm a little open, I really don't have any big ideas. I will list some basic pairings below and I will put in bold the characters I would be willing to play.

    Jedi/Jedi Apprentice MxM or MxF
    Jedi/Bounty Hunter MxM or MxF
    Sith/Jedi Apprentice MxM or MxF
    Sith/Mercenary MxM x MxF

    This is no amazing list, I know that, but just enough to get the ball rolling maybe. I am open to other 'not-so-black-and-white' options as well. Though, I would prefer to play a Force User. Romance would be prefered but not required. Any race is acceptable. I prefer to use races that already exist in Star Wars rather than a custom made one, same goes with locations. However, if romance is in mind, it might be a wise idea to tailor your race to that. I can't imagine a Hutt and a Wookie would get it on so good....

    Speaking of which, I will only play with players 18+. If romance is involved, I expect no sex or full blown sex. If we're going to go for it, I really wanna go for it.

    This roleplay will only take place over PM!

    Please, PM me if you are interested. I will only take one partner at a time, so I am sorry if I have to turn you down. I'm dipping my toes back into the water, I can't handle more than one partner. Sorry.

    Oh and feel free to put dialogue in colored text, if you wish. However, you must use a bright, vivid color otherwise I have trouble seeing them on my black background.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.