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  1. Hello! Hello! Feel free to call me Aegyl, Aegy or Aeg. Whatever floats your boat~
    I'm a full-time college student, so be warned that I am prone to disappear from time
    to time (class, homework, course projects, etc.). I make a point to at least pipe up
    on weekends, and I'll probably have more time after the semester is over for winter
    break. Basically, know that I am super slow. I will let you know when I loose interest
    or some other, but otherwise I am still dedicated.

    I tend to mirror what is given to me. Give me a nice quality post with lots to respond
    to, and you'll more then likely receive one back. Hand me a fluffy post with not much
    to do, expect something short in reply. I'm craving a little more lit-break, because life
    is being life, but if I got something going, then I can keep typing on and on and on~

    I currently have two plot cravings, but if you have other plots and ideas, I'm more than
    willing to hear them out. Post here, or pm me, whichever makes you happy~

    * pomp and circumstance !!
    X is the firstborn of a wealthy merchant and politician who holds tremendous influence
    within the city. As such, X is next in line to inherit it all and has been groomed and
    trained to as far back as X could remember. Z is from a high ranking mafia family
    who controls most of the shady underworld. Z's family is also responsible for the
    darker side of X's family dealings, and in turn, X's family uses its abilities to keep
    Z's family safe. After several years of this continuous symbiotic arrangement, both
    families decide to solidify things even further, and arrange for X and Z to get married.
    However, both X and Z had been raised in vastly different environments. While
    they know this is more out of necessity, it does not mean that everything will be
    all smiles and sunshine. (this can be mxf, fxf, or mxm. plot variations may include
    more than these two characters. I'd prefer to play as Z.)

    * noragami !!
    The modern fantasy anime/manga series based on gods and their weapons; "regalia".
    Regalia are uncontaminated human spirits who died unwilling (they did not commit
    suicide). They do not retain memories of their human lives, but the gods who name
    them do know about their history as a human the moment they're claimed. Very open
    ended; I have no clear cut plot and only have the setting/world. I prefer to use original
    characters over canon characters. I'm highly interested in playing as a Regalia.
    (this can be mxf, fxf, or mxm. we can double/triple/quadruple/etc. as needed).
  2. Im interested in a Noragami mxm
  3. I'm a college student at full time. I'd like to role play with you. I have some ideas. I primarily role play yuri (Fxf) or straight. Please pm me if interested in role playing with me as a partner.