Seeking someone who can help me get used to RPing here.

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  1. I have been (and still am) a member of another rp site. However, I'd love to get started over here. I previously GMmed rps mostly, and I'd love to find someone else who would know how GMming works here. Also, if you/they don't mind, I'd love if said person could collaborate with me on my first rp here. however, if you don't like the same things I do, you don't have to. I'd love to find someone soon!
  2. *puts hand up and waves* What'cha got in mind?
  3. Not much, just someone who can help me get used to iwaku's way of doing things. I don't want to make a thread in the wrong area, or say something foolish as a gm here. I was thinking it would be nice to start a roleplay with someone (as a co-gm) and have them lead so that I can follow that example.

    Btw, I love soul eater! My set on the other site is of Soul.
  4. You're not by any chance a guild refugee as well?^^
  5. And I got all that from your first post I meant more specifically, got any ideas for an RP you'd like to co-gm?
  6. Yeah, I'm from RPG... I hope it gets back up soon...

    Ah, yeah, I was hoping to find common ground with my partner. How about something Soul eater related? I've run one before. Or, we can find other topics of rp by brainstorming.
  7. Uuh Soul Eater sounds awesome. I have a character in stock I'd love to recycle, how about teaming up (Meister/Weapon)? We could start an RP with 4 more people and their weapon/meister combos. Story and such can be worked out beforehand.
  8. Name: Kimimaru Shota [Japanese Name, so he is Shota]

    Pseudonym: Restless

    Shota chose the name "Restless" for himself, as he felt this expression to describe his very nature the best way. Ironically, most people will shorten this to the nickname "Rest", conveying the opposite meaning of what he had intended.

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Meister or Weapon: Weapon

    Partner: - Yet to be determined -



    Shota is a restless young man. Always ever so calm in mannerism and expression, he emits a presence of warm self esteem and compassionate reliance. On the inside however, Shota is anything but calm. While he does have a well established self-esteem and a sense of caring for others, he feels a never ending disquietness in his heart. No matter where he is, how far he has traveled or how many places he has seen, every fiber of his being seems to tell him he hast to be somewhere else. To the outside observer it would seem he was a little distant from time to time, distracted even, gazing off into the sky or the sunset. In truth it is his silent longing for something he can't discern himself. There is no question and no answer, only the search for both, the never ending search that has no purpose and no goal.

    On a more daily basis, Shota is what seems to be a nice, if slightly odd guy. Absent minded and a little dorky in social situations at times, he is the kind of guy who looks reliable and who you like spending some calm quality time with. His tendency to hang around without saying or doing much makes him an ideal companion for both very talkative people who like to fill someone with their words they need to get out, or very quiet, introvert or shy people who need someone to spend time with in relaxed silence. Either way, Shota seems like the kind of guy most people will like to spend time with and thus he is a frequented hangout partner. Paradoxically, he has very few close friends, as his fading presence usually leaves little more than a warm expression and a feeling of "he's a nice guy... but I can't quite grasp him". He is deemed reliable and trustworthy, as he usually performs tasks or things asked of him without too many questions and without working around it. Giving off little facial expression, his visage is usually inhabited by a calm look and the most prominent reaction one can tickle out of him is a lax smile and a nod or a shaking of the head for agreement or disagreement. Making words only when necessary, he can't really be called a talkative person, yet it seems not many people have him pegged as "quiet". Considering his presence is that of a relaxed guy, it would simply sound unnatural if he made too many words.

    Shota's headphones are his constant companions. Wearing them around his neck at any time, be it casual or business, they never seem to leave his side. Though it remains a constant mystery if he ever actually listens to music on them, as no eye witness accounts can be made on seeing him putting them over his ears. In truth, Shota simply doesn't listen to music whenever people are around, as he believes it to be rude. What he actually listens to with his earphones is not music but calm, relaxing sounds such as the splashing of waves on the beach with seagulls in the background, or the rippling noise of rain on different surfaces and distant thunder. These noises are the only things that calm his inner restlessness a little, if only for a very short time.

    Shota, as his name already implies, is a child of Japan. His family owns a little house in the vast sea of urban Tokyo and Shota has spent his childhood years there. The neighborhood is decent, if a little on the low income side, but his parents always made do somehow. His father works as a simple construction worker and his mother was a housewife. Knowing about their sons indiscernible yet very real constant drive to be somewhere else, they always found the money to travel far and wide across the country, though they could never afford going abroad. No matter how much of Japan he saw, the discontent in his heart never vanished, and so he hopes he would get to find what he was looking for if he sets out for Shibusen and use the many opportunities to travel in missions to hunt Kishin eggs.

    Weapon Form:

    Shota's weapon form is something people could make fun of - if it wasn't for his reliable and relaxed attitude. Turning into an oversized fan with sharp edges, Shota is yet to find a Weapons Meister willing to bond with such an unusual and seemingly unhandy weapon. Though deemed not particularly useful by most of his peers, anyone would have to silently agree that Shota's form as a weapon has an aesthetic sense of beauty and refinement befitting of the calm presence this boy emits in human form.



    Shota used to be bullied when he was younger - mostly by people he talked to about his inner restlessness and his search for something he couldn't name. As children are when they can't understand another child, they picked on him for saying weird things and ostracized him. This is probably the reason for Shotas slightly distant attitude. Some particularly hurtful events left him with a few emotional scars that add to his tendency of not making close friends and creates a reflexive barrier between him and other people that is difficult to breach.
  9. Neato burrito, man! I hadn't really planned out a character for myself yet, but it looks like you are all set! Why don't we set up an OOC to gather interest while we draw up a basic plot?
  10. Sounds fun! Though I have to warn you I'm a bit stretched thin as is, I have already started or joined some other RPs Throwing this up happened on a whim, though on a good one^^
  11. Thanks. If it becomes a hassle, you don't have to play. So, where should I put the interest/OOC?
  12. Well all in all this site is not so different from the guild. Interest Checks and OOCs go into the section "Roleplay talk". ICs go into the matching category sections, in our case probably "misc".
  13. Ah, so post the Intchk here, and wait for bites before we boot the OOC itself? Cool. I'll post a thread on our rp here to gather up interest.
  14. The thing's up, now. Might as well begin thinking this through.
  15. Glad to see im not the only RPG survivor! I wish you luck on this forum!
  16. Thanks. Luck to you, too. btw, rpg will be back up.