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  1. Hello~ I'm not going to make this fancy, sorry.
    But I need a male who will be willing to play Muse B in my plot 'lost friendship'.
    It will be a very sad roleplay but I need someone who is speed of light and willing to roleplay this! :) thank you~

    Lost friendship
    Muse A and Muse B have known each other since they were preschoolers until one year in 6th grade Muse B had ended up being known as a 'popular' kid and slowly stopped hanging around Muse A. Even though this crushed Muse A they tried to escape it and move on until Muse B started to bully Muse A. Once the bullying at started Muse A started to hate Muse B with a strong passion, Though as the 10th year of high school came the two old friends went into drama club to add on to their college application for future reasons. Muse A loving drama gets main female role in the play 'romeo and Juliet' (Cliche I know) and Muse B gets main role for his 'good looks'. Though through out practicing the two argue and fight, not getting along even for the plays sake but the night of the show Muse A passes away from an accident and Muse Bis left in the hospital bewildered and usually heartbroken.
    But what if Muse A comes back as a spirit and can only make it into'heaven' if the two make up and become friends again? Will Muse B help Muse A go to 'heaven' or ignore her presents?

    Not the best plot but it took me 30 minutes to figure it out so please PM me or comment to this thread~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.