Seeking some one on one roleplays

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  1. So I lost a couple of stories from people who left the website. I was looking for some more roleplay partners. I like to play the female, but don't mind a male part. I have a few roleplays in mind.

    1. A girl has been attacked by something that lurked in the woods. She comes across a peaceful cottage owned by a military man who cares for her. (This one would be a more of a see where it takes us kind of thing).

    2. A man awakes in a prison like place. He finds out that he has been sent to a torture chamber. The female must torture him to death in order to save her family. The only thing is she starts to fall in love with him.

    That's all I really have at the moment.
  2. Im interested in the second one if you'd like to rp that one with me.
  3. Yeah of course. Would you want to play the girl or boy?
  4. I'd like to play as the boy if you don't mind.
  5. No, its fine. I was thinking maybe like you could give me some ideas on what his fears might be. That way I could use them in the roleplay.
  6. Well one of his biggest fears is the ocean, mainly because he is afraid of heights and can't swim. The idea of being in the ocean with many creatures he isn't familiar with terrifies him. Also he was almost attacked by a shark that was too close to the shore when he was little, thankfully saved by his older cousin though. I don't know if that helps with the torture thing. He's also claustrophobic.
  7. Alright, is there any more prep you want to do before we start?
  8. No I dont think so. I think this one is going to be a more go with the flow type one too.
  9. Yeah, I think so as well. I'm ready to start when you are, but soon I'll be taking a shower then possibly going to sleep after that.
  10. I'll start them off and then send you the link.
  11. I can do the first one and seeing your preferences in your post, can oblige to being the male.