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  1. I'm Snu and while faster paced roleplay are great when they are one on one, I actually like my group rps to be on the slower and more thoughtful side. I'm looking for a couple of roleplays that average at posting cycles of two day to about a week, and I'm also looking for the opportunity to take my time and write five to twenty (ya really) paragraphs per post.

    I'm not looking for fluff here, I'm looking for world building, character arcs complete with interesting snippet into both their lives and minds, and awesome plots full of well planned twists and turns. While I prefer original settings of either Fantasy or soft Science Fiction genres, I can still get behind fandom based pieces and loosely historical stories if I got the mean to make a little research about the setting and find I like it.

    I'm really talkative and like to think of myself as friendly OOC, so a welcoming bunch would be great!

    PS: I would prefer the plot to have either not yet started to have a believable spot in the timeline to shimmy in my character(s).

    PSS: Oh! I also play any gender and any orientation, PLUS I'm always up to try character types I didn't try before.
  2. Ever heard of Wheel of Time?
  3. I did, but I'm dreadfully unaware of the lore and plot.
  4. I'll look into it, and I\ll get back to you as soon as possible. :)
  5. Sure! Whenever you have time!
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  6. Are you still taking invites? I can't guarantee that the setup of my RP would intrigue you, but the slower-pace and talkative OOC especially sure remind me of the usual atmosphere of my RP's. XD

    My only current active RP is Fandomstuck, which is sort of like a mega-crossover RP, except that it's about personifications of entire fandoms as opposed to specific canon characters. It's a difficult idea to sum up in a sentence or two, but the OP goes more in-depth if you're interested.
  7. Hi there! I've got a mid-low fantasy epic that i've been trying to kick off with dedicated members.

    I am only asking for one post a week turn cycle, as well.

    I also prefer intermediate+ posts, so on a surface level, you fit the bill.

    here's a link to the Roleplay Out Of Character thread

    If you are interested, let me know [message me directly if possible]. If not, no worries!
  8. I am trying to start a High Fantasy roleplay: The War of Celandine: A Saga Reborn. If you think that you might be interested in one of the positions, then please let me know via the signup thread or PM. Thank you!
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