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  1. hello there cuties, i'm ghoul and i'm currently seeking several one on one rp partners. i have thousands and thousands of ideas that i want to work out with a creative partner~ i like to think that i'm a very experienced writer. i also draw things, so if i like your characters enough i may make art of them! ^u^

    if you're interested, ask me for my plots and i'll pm them to you~

    *** = currently craving
    1. fantasy (high, modern, medieval, dark) ***
    2. horror (survival, psychological, gore) ***
    3. lgbtqia+ (homosexual, asexual, pansexual, demisexual, genderqueer, etc.) ***
    4. certain pairings (inquire!)
    5. magical girls (and other ideas for this genre!) ***
    6. certain fandoms (inquire!)
    7. sci-fi (mecha, space)
    8. multiple characters ***

    1. canon characters
    2. rape (i will not play this out, but it can be used for part of a character's history, i suppose)
    3. pedophilia (no)
    4. suicide (do not even mention it)
    5. modern (real life rp)
    6. script rp
    7. sex (depends. if i feel comfortable writing it i will, but otherwise we will fade to black)
    8. face-claims/anime characters/some else's personal artwork (i really don't like these and i would prefer you to not use them!)
    9. guro/vore/scat (*makes a face*)
    10. furry/anthro
    11. animal protagonists
    12. bestiality
    13. heterosexual protagonists
    14. racism
    15. sexism
  2. I'm interested in hearing more about your fantasy, sci-fi, and fandom plot ideas. I can post up to several times a day, and am open to discussing and building on plots before and during the roleplay. I'm fine with gore, but would rather not roleplay any sex scenes. Is that alright with you?
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  3. awesome, nice to meet you! i only have plot ideas for fantasy type things, however. i will pm them to you after this post~

    yeah, i'm totally fine without sex scenes! i don't generally like to rp them anyway because i'm ace and it's kinda super awkward for me, hee hee. are you okay with romance?
  4. Hey! I'm interested in any of your ideas, but I'm leaning more towards fantasy and magical girls, if you don't mind. I can reply a few times a day and I'm totally willing to toss ideas around with you if you want. And I'm totally fine with sex scenes and all that jazz.
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  5. yo, nice too meet 'cha! and dude, i totally don't mind, those two are my favorite genres~ toss me a pm and we can work out our characters n stuff, as well as some of the plot (unless you want the one i listed above, we can also edit it a lil). also in the pm: would you want to rp on the 1x1 forums or through pm?
  6. still a-searching! don't be shy, lovelies~
  7. @ghoulprincess I'd be very interested in listening to your ideas as well
  8. i've messaged both of you! ^u^
  9. I'm always looking for more one on one rp partners and you seem like an amazing partner to have.:jump::parrot2:
  10. Hi there! I'm relatively new to forum roleplaying, but I'd love to start something with a dedicated 1-on-1 partner. I'm interested in finding someone with some plot ideas in mind as I don't feel quite comfortable yet coming up with my own. My interests generally align with yours, except I'm also interested in modern (non-fantasy/sci-fi) plots. I can very much appreciate that you're ace - I would probably prefer not doing sex scenes but I enjoy romance and companionship as moving elements of story.

    If you're still looking for more lovelies to write with, send me a message or something?
  11. messaged both of you!!

    also still looking u//v//u
  12. a lil bump before bed!
  13. Hi there! I would like to see what ideas you have for magical girls and horror, and I'm curious as to what fandoms you'd be willing to roleplay as well! I don't do romance (unless it has a good plot) and sex scenes though, so I hope that's okay!
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