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  1. Hello! I'm new here, but i have tried roleplaying before and i just love it! :blush:
    I love long posts! No one liners! ;)

    Well i'm pretty much up for anything as long it have something to do with romance.
    I'm a sucker for romance XD

    However i actually do have a few things i don't like.

    I don't do lesbian roleplays.
    I don't do one liners.
    I don't do seme in Yaoi.
    I only play girl in straight rps.

    I have a few plots :angel: but if you have one too, i would like to hear it.


    The dragon and the princess - Fantasy, magic, romance, action, medieval.

    You know the old fairytale where a evil, cruel dragon kidnappes a princess because of her beuaty and then a brave knight in a shinning armor comes and save her. He gets to marry her and get the half of the kingdom, and they live happily ever after. But this story is a bit different.. There once was a princess there got engaded to a prince. But the princess wasn't in love with him at all. One day when she was sleeping peacefully in her bed, with her window opened. A Dragon named __ attacked the kingdom. He hated the royal family greetly and had only in mind to leave their dear castle in ruins. But as he flew by the castle, he saw the princess. The dragon fell for her beauty at first eye cast. He decided to take her. Not only was she beautiful but it would also be the perfect reveng to steal the only princess of the kingdom. So the dragon took the princess to his cave. The princess was scared, terrified! She didn't wanted to get eaten by a dragon! She didn't wanted to spent her last moment in a cave! But inside the cave there was a nice little house. When the dragon reached the small house he morphed into a handsome younge man! Althought it's forbidden, the princess started to fall for the dragon and the dragon fell for her.. but how will this fairy tale end..? Will it end like every other, where the prince comes and slays the dragon and gets the girl. Or will it be different this time?

    Bloody lust - yaoi, mature, sexual theme, supernatural.

    X one day went to a bar with a group of his friends. Or they weren't really his friends they were more classmates. But as they arrive at the bar, X sees this beautiful, very handsome male surrounded by girls.. X can't move his eyes from him. X have never really been in love and especially not with a man! But he is stunning.. X sneaks around in the bar a bit and finds out that you can 'rent the man for a 'date'.. (cough cough, mostly sex which X doesnt know) When Y leaves the bar with a woman on each arm X runs after him. X can't just let him go! X reaches up to him and stops him.. X askes for a date but Y raises a brow. He is very expensive and X is just a teenage boy in commener cloth, it's clearly that he does not have the cash to pay for a date. But there is something different over X. When Y looks on him he can't help but feel a bit drawn to him.. So X get his business card. Y then walks away with the clingy women..

    The next day X askes Y if he can go out and he says yes! X is thrilled! And they meet up.. However X is wayyy more innocent than the usual customers Y is use to. So it's a bit uncommen date for Y.. In the end X needs to pay but obviously doesn't have money for it. When X finds out just how much he is suppose to pay he almost faint! Never in a life time would he be able to pay that! But Y have another way that he can pay than money. He can pay with he's blood as Y is a vampire! But then Y discovers just why he is drawn so much to him. X have some of the best blood he ever have had before!
    So just who will get addicted to who?

    ((seeks someone to play Y.))

    Tough love Baby~ - Romance, ganster, action, rough langauge.

    Hana Yoshi was a pretty normal teenage girl who thought that she lived in hell.. For the boys in her class she is the number 1 target to bully. The girls from her class doesn't seem to care much about her either. Even the teachers doesn't do anything about it! School is tough but what is the hardest thing, is going home. Her house is empty as her parents are never home. They haven't been home since her 8years birthday. To make it all worse her boyfreind dumped her last week. Telling her that she was useless and completely boring! With a broken heart and all alone, Hana truely felt that she was living in hell..

    A normal wensday morning Hana was walking to school, when a group of hardcore gansters were fighting. Two groups of gansters is controling this city. Even if the police won't admit, it's true. Hana quickly tried to walk around them, so she wouldn't be involded in anything. But the fight is over quickly and one of the groups laughs of their opponent there was completely knocked out. The leader of the group who won also called ___ discovers Hana. Happy because he just won, he decided to go flirt with Hana. Just for fun of coures, who wants a high school girl? Nah it was just to get a good victory ending. However it doesn't go as he had planed. She won't stop walking, not even slow down a bit, she doesn't even repsond to his flirting! But __ keeps flirting with her. Hana is on her breaking point. She is all alone, she gets bullied in school and now this Idiot thinks that he can bully her too?! Hana tried to ignore him but it couldn't be helped. She just snapped. She turned around, hitting him right in the stomach, so all the air escapes he's lungs, followed by a hard fist directely into his face. Making him fall backwards, followed by Hana yelling "Stay the hell away from me, you're creep!" Hana then turns and leaves. The gang leader is in shock! No girl have ever treated him like that! Suddenly the pain in his belly and cheek turns warm and fluffy? He just gaze after her, love at first sight! Or should i say love at first hit? The leader doesn't like to be hit by her, but it was that she had the nerves to do it! Now more determined than ever he will do everything to make Hana his woman.. However Hana doesn't agree with him about that. She doesn't want to be he's 'woman'. Not even his gang likes the idea of Hana being he's woman.. Most of all, if he have a girlfriend that could be a great weakness! But he doesn't care and want to make Hana and everything about her, his. ___ have never really wanted a girlfriend, not that he didn't had the chance to get one! But this time he want it to be different..

    What if..? - Romance, high school, childhood friends.

    The story goes like this x and y have always been friends since they were 3years old. X was y's prince in the shinny armor, always protecting her. Meanwhile Y protected X in her own ways. X lives in a trouble family, he's mom died when he was 7 and his dad is a dead beat drunk. X and Y are always together and in the second year of high school they discover they have feelings for each others but what should they do? X is a playboy and every single girl in the whole class likes him and he isn't scared of flirting with them, but now that he have feelings for Y will he stop fooling around with the other girls? And will they get together or be to scared to try, as they don't want to lose each others?..

    Why are you doing this!? - Romance, horror, abuse, 18 only.

    Nadja Lions was deeply in love with her boyfreind until he started to cheat on her, but actually she loved him so much that she let him cheat a whole year before she just got enough of it. She broke up with a broken heart which she thought would never be healed.. But two years later after the break up she meets this really nice guy and they start dating.. But her ex boyfreind is very jealouse! though he already have a girlfriend.. Nadja dates the nice guy for a few weeks before her ex comes running demanding that she breaks up with her new boyfriend, telling her that he is finish with all the other girls just he gave have her. But Nadja doesnt believe him and turns him down.. A week later her ex comes again and again tries to make her his, but she turns him down again.. which leads to that her ex kills her new boyfriend and kidnappes her.. how will this end?

    For you only - fantasy, romance, action.

    In the old japan there lived a wealthy man, he ruled over a small town. The man had many rice feilds, where his people worked at with many soldiars to protect them. He was a fair lord and was loved by his people. But still he feared for his life. Where there are power and money there will be greed. He had his best soldiars to protect him, but one day a demon took the bodyguards place. It was a very powerful demon and nobody knew how the man got the contract with the demon. But the demon does whatever the man wants killing, protecting him, go drinking, deliver a message, whatever the man wants.
    Only the man knows the thruth. That he tricked the demon into a contract. The contract makes the demon completely obedient or he will suffer, the man have the demon's life in his hands. But the demon don't mind as he had nowhere to go. Now he finally have a place to be. He even got a lot of free time, where he enjoys drinking sake.

    But one day a young lady appears at his master's home. The master is so happy that he is almost crying. At first the demon thinks that the lady is a lover but she does seem a bit young, doesnt she? But she is beautiful, though her eyes are hidden behind a piece of cloth. She is blind. The lady is the demon's Master's daughter who have been long gone. His master thought that she had died in a fire with her mother. But now she is here.. The demon have no interest in her at all and just returns to drink sake. But she appears where ever he is. At first he finds her annoying like he does with any other human but slowly he fall in love with her. But! His master have said that no one! NO one touchs his beloved daughter, the man there lays he's hands on his daughter will be punished with death. And the demon isn't sure how to show he's affection.. Because how do you just show that you like a person when you have never been in love and certainly not with a human!

    Pirate love - Fantasy, romance, action. CLOSED

    Yumi got born into a noble family. She had a servant called __. He had been her servanter ever since Yumi was a little child. Yumi and ___ became close friends, and Yumi even slowly fell in love with ___... But one day Yumi´s parents were holding a big party for all the rich people in the whole town. Everything was going just fine, but then! a group of pirates interruped the party. They started to steal from the rich people! But when a pirate tried to touch Yumi, __ saved her, but got knocked out and taken as a slave! Yumi tried to save him but the pirates pushed her away so she fell, hitting her head so she passed out as they took him.. Many years later, when Yumi turned 17. A pirateship entered the harbor with the same flag as the group of pirates there had taken __ away. Yumi grabbed the chance and disguised herself like a boy so she could get on the ship and find ___.
    But what Yumi didn´t knew, is that her beloved friend is the new captain on the ship and he have change a lot for what she remembered, from sweet and kind to cold, harsh and perveted!.. or have he really changed?

    What we might can do if your not interested in any of my plots:

    Half angel-half demon
    Masquerade ball
    Arranged marriage
    Shapeshifter kidnapper-kidnapped girl
    Scientist-lab experiment
    Soldier-prisoner of war
    assasin x target
    military x civilian
    human x werewolf
    human x vampire
    angel x demon
    spy x civiilian
    student x teacher
    waitress x customer
    time traveler x person
    Best Friend x Best Friend's Sister/brother
    Childhood Best Friend x Childhood Best Friend
    Popular Guy x New Girl
    Rescuer x Rescued
    Wolf x Vampire
    Alfa wolf - omega wolf
    Knight x Princess
    Zombie apocalypse
    Knight x Prince
    Prince x Commoner
    Commoner x Princess
    celeb. x fan/non fan
    Guardian Angel x Human
    Vampire x Hunter/priest
    Vampire x Angel
    Demon x Angel
    Songstress x Model
    Photographer x Model
    Pregnant Girlfriend x Boyfriend
    Mermaid x Human
    Actress x Helper

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  2. Hello Lovely!

    I'm quite interested in the Pirate Love roleplay and if you want to talk more about perhaps having the 1x1 with each other then you may message me. :)
  3. I have have sent you a pm :)
  4. If there is one you'd like to do, I RP as both genders. The only thing I don't do is erotic RP, but other than that I'm flexible. :3
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  5. That's fine with me :) Well anything you want to do? :)
  6. I'd love to do a Soldier-prisoner of war and also maybe Pregnant Girlfriend x Boyfriend and or a Alfa wolf - omega wolf roleplay c:

    Also Wolf-Vampire sounds like a sneaky trap to get someone to have a Twilight roleplay with you.
  7. I don't do fandom rps XD so i doubt there will be any twilights rp from my side! haha ;)

    Hmm then soldier x prisoner of war


    Alfa x omega

    Any gender roles you prefer? fxm or mxm ? :) And is pm okay?
  8. FxM (i'l be the female) and yes pm would be nice.
  9. sorry, i only play female in straight rps ^^'
    It is standing at the top on the list of things i don't do :)
  10. Ah sorry i guess i can be male
  11. We don't have to rp if you feel uncomfortable playing male in a straight rp ^^ i will understand. :heartsmile:
  12. Naw i'm fine with roleplaying male he might be a slightly feminine but it can work in a straight rp :D.
  13. Haha okay, so which one did you want to do?
  14. Alfa x omega
  15. Well as i am quite the fantasy oriented person and i can play bad guys well i could try my hands on the dragon and the princess plot of your! Also might be interesting to play a zombie apocalypse world or maybe even an assassin x target going through the long task of tracking down, stalking and causing fear and paranoia in the target :P
  16. Hmm zombie or the dragon one. The both sounds good to me ;) but you decide.
  17. Hmm... it could be a mix of both! The land of Phantasmagoria has befallen under the dark spell of a necromancer thus zombies amongst other creatures roam the world. A dragon for being robbed of his family and a former princess seeking vengence for the destruction of her kingdom set out to find the source of this darkness and try to eliminate it! Just threw an example story out there for funzies, but it's your plot and ideas so you should be the one giving the final say :P
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