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  1. Meet Echo Kavanaugh, the 172 year old Estonian Dhampir. He's feeling a bit lonesome and I think he needs a friend.

    Echo was conceived of a disreputable and unlawful union between the cogent Vampire Lord, Diomedes, and a pauper Dhampir harlot during early Victorian Russia. Naturally, Lord Diomedes never intended for a child to come of their copulation, and when he discovered of the impure abomination of his bloodline forming within the womb of the half-blood whore Grete, he called upon his finest assassins to rid him of his shame. They did not succeed.
    Echo was born on the fourteenth of October, eighteen forty two, concealed among the people of Saaremaa, Estonia. For the first twenty six years of his life he lived under Grete's protection, before migrating South to Latvia and Belarus, then West through Poland, Germany and Belgium, before finally settling in the United Kingdom. It was in Southampton that he met a human Noblewoman, Evelyn Rose, and in a classic Romeo and Juliet fashion the young couple fell madly in love, or so Echo had believed it to be at the time. But fate did not favor them. The moment Evelyn came of age she was betrothed by her father to a rich Nobleman, descending of a highly respected family of Londoners.
    Devastated by the revelation that she was not conceded to remain with Echo, Evelyn conspired to flee with him. Unbeknownst to her, however, Evelyn's grand scheme was quickly unravelled by the possessive nature of her fiancee. Engulfed by a jealous rage, the Nobleman sought out the one creature capable ending her life right under the nose of the fledgling Dhampir. Thus the night prior to which they'd planned their seemingly flawless escape, Evelyn was slaughtered by none other than a Vampire. It was soon after that his whereabouts was discovered by the Russian Vampires.
    Today, Echo spends whatever time he doesn't dedicate to feeding and sleeping, to running from those who seek to destroy him. He can't linger in a single area for more than a short duration of time, lest the Russian assassins, led by none other than Diomedes' right hand fang, Avgust Belyakov, catch up with him. Running is all he knows, and after a 160 years his determination is waning.

    I don't have a set plot direction in mind, so you can play whatever and whoever you'd like. Human, Werewolf, Vampire, Faire etc.

    A bit about ME...
    I'm fairly confident in my writing skills, although I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm any kind of advanced. Naturally, my style is going to vary greatly depending on my partner. I would like to say I'm a descriptive writer, that my sentences are fairly fluent and that I inject a strong sense of both the setting and my character's emotion into my text - I certainly strive to do so always - but, at the end of the day, you will get what you have given. I am not going to write six paragraphs from six sentences of bear basic gestures and speech. Having said that, I certainly don't expect you to write half a novel every time you respond. I greatly prefer Quality over Quantity; six sentences of in-depth, well constructed text is far more appreciated than six paragraphs of pointless dribble.

    What I DON'T do...
    - Furry/Anthro/Animals. This excludes Weres and Shapeshifters.
    - Anime/Manga.
    - High School.
    - Mediocre drama.
    - Weird fetishes.
    - M X M or F X F
    - Unlawful sexual material.
    - Plotless smut.
    - Love at first sight.
    - Script or text-talk.

    What I WILL do...
    - Kill off characters. (< WHAAAAAT?!?! D8)
    - Create new characters.
    - Romance, although I enjoy the romantic build-up more than I do steady relationships. Tough love and a bit of emotional turmoil makes things all the more interesting. And, of course, it doesn't always have to end happily ever after.
    - M X F
    - Violence.
    - Blood and gore.
    - Sexual themes.

    I would prefer that you be at least an Elementary level writer, and, it goes without saying, a minimum of 18 years of age.

    Anywho! If you're keen, drop me a PM! :)

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