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  1. Hey, there! Call me Stef or doomy. I'm looking for a few partners to write mushy-ooey-goo with. I have two ideas I'd like to do something with as well as some pairing ideas. Take a peak if you're curious! Implied romance in all (eventually).

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    A Wild West Goose Chase

    When a masked train robber and her groupies commit a series of unsolved heists, Detective Sarah Danning is chosen to lead the case. Always at the right place when the robberies take place, the thief always manages to slip through her fingers somehow!

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    Run in with a Genie

    A hardworking woman who has always dreamt of becoming a pianist (but has never been able to pursue her dream) comes across an antique shop selling a $50 piano! She's confused, outraged, but super excited and buys the piano on sight so she can finally start to learn playing the piano! Turns out, playing is hard to someone who has never looked at a sheet of music before, and it's a huge blow to her self esteem. They're just about ready to give it up until a famous pianist comes to her house with a coworker to drink and wants to take her under his wing because he sees real potential in her. But she's drunk and writes it off as a vision. When everyone's gone home, she sees a post-it note on the $50 baby-grand piano with the name of a famous pianist and what could only be his number.

    (Atrocious second-person preface:) Imagine being a child and having the strongest desire to learn how to play the piano, but never being able to do so; right up until after you graduate uni and are hired to work a job you don't even like. Many times trying to bring it up, but being part of a family that doesn't take kindly to the arts, not being very successful. Then trying to save up to buy your own piano and pay for lessons, but rent is too high, and taxes are confusing, and you're swimming in debt to pay off the education you received so that you could get hired to do a job you absolutely hate. The glimmer in your eye leaves you, as the dream you once had is forgotten. Then, by chance, you're walking home from your cubicle job and you see it. A baby-grand, old-as-hell, probably-needs-tuning piano displayed in the window of an antique store selling for just about $50. And you're outraged, because it's beautiful and you just have to have it. You rush into the store and you buy it without thinking. You pay an extra $100 to have movers take it to your apartment. And you get absolutely smashed out of celebration. You touch the keys lovingly; they sound incredibly out of tune and stick at times, but you love it, and you couldn't possibly change anything about it because this finally meant that you could do what you've always wanted to do.

    ...But it was so difficult. It was so hard to pick up reading notes, and remember the scales, and to get used to your fingers stretching as far as they had to in order to please the piano instructor, and though that glimmer in your eye returned for a brief moment, it was faltering, because fore the first time in your life you have everything that you need in order to do what you want, but like everything else in life, it was difficult. You invite some friends over and get drunk again, and caress that $150 piano, still as lovingly as ever, but something is different. Someone is there with you. And he's saying he was drawn to your spirit, but you're still drunk and say he's a piano genie because he probably came out of the piano that you had just rubbed like the lamp in Aladdin. But he's real. And not a genie. And wants to help you play. And will give you his number for now so that you can call him when you're sober.

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    Other Fandoms and Pairings

    android x human (something like Absolute Boyfriend?? if you've seen it)
    florist x barista
    barista x bartender
    gondolier x anyone
    gangster x thief
    lawyer x lawyer
    knight x princess
    knight x criminal
    BBC Sherlock
    Lord of the Rings
    Legend of Korra

    I'm open to changing up the genders as well as writing either parts. I prefer to jump right in with a vague character concept and develop them on the way, but I'll write up a character sheet if requested to do so. (I like talking plot and side-stuff, though!) I'm slow due to school work and would prefer 2+ paragraphs per post as I'd probably be writing just about that much or more. Shoot me a PM if you're interested!
  2. Greetings Doomy,

    What if my character was an artificial human created by your character but after she found out he was to be used as a specimen for a super soldier project due to his genetic superiority, she escapes with him and he protects her?
  3. Sent you a PM!
  4. Hello there, Darling!
    I would be delighted to write a mushy-ooey-gooey romance story with you!
    I'm totally interested in the LOTR, BBC Sherlock, and Florist/Barista idea. Let me know what you think!
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