Seeking roleplays (parings and plots inside)

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  1. About me:
    Hello people, i am a female teenage student that's currently studying media. I have a bunch of time on my hands and can reply from as much as 5 posts a day to 1. I enjoy getting to know my partners but it is in no way necessary. I have a deep passion for fantasy and darker themed content but i'd be more than happy to settle for a more down to earth realistic story.

    What i'd like from our roleplays:
    • Character sheets, it helps me create the character and than develop them overtime.
    • Anime pictures, personally i am more attracted and emotionally invested to the animated look than realistic
    • Multiple characters aren't necessary but their a nice addition
    • Anywhere from 1 to 4 paragraphs
    • At least 1 reply per week

    Pairings: (Roles i'd prefer to play on the left)
    • Angel x Demon
    • Runaway x Runaway
    • Gang member x Friend
    • Roomate x Roomate
    • Vampire x Vampire
    • Vampire x Werewolf
    • Good student x Bad student
    • Elf x Elf
    • Elf x Dark elf
    • Popular student x Shy student
    • Human x Vampire
    • Human x Elf
    • Human x Angel
    • Human x Demon
    • Demon x Vampire
    • Rival x Rival
    • Human x Neko
    • Customer x Coffee shop employee
    • Bullied x Bully
    • Human x Element bender

    An angel and demon are forced to live at a boarding school on earth, the reason forthis is to learn to hide their supernatural identities but also learn about humans more. What will come of the two of them and everyone else around them?

    People are being born with a time on their hands that shows how long they have long to live, the number changes naturally depending on what's going on. How will they get on?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.