Seeking Roleplays, Many Ideas

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  2. I'd be interested in trying out the dragon/prince plot, it sounds like it could be very fun!
  3. I think the AngelxAngel idea is interesting.. We should talk. :)
  4. I would love to brainstorm the Mafia/Assassin one possibly. It could go a multitude of ways that seem very interesting
  5. You've got my attention on plots: 1, 3 and 4! If you still have the muse for them, I would love to start a rp with you! :cheeseslice:
  6. I have updated the thread and am still actively looking for partners! :3
  7. I see your exorcist/exorcist plot and i'm defiantly interested in it if you're still looking to do it!
  8. Wanna drop the rp were doing now for this one :) Id like it bettter
    (general could be a family member, or maybe another high ranking official) All social classes hold their secrets, especially that of the nobles. Behind closed doors, there are sex parties held that only a special invitation can get you into. The General of the kingdom's armies finally gives in and attends one of these events. There he sees the King's son, his nephew in a compromising position and decides to have a bit of fun with it. He uses the information to blackmail the prince into getting what he wants, knowing the prince will do anything to keep this from getting out.
    (Fantasy setting)

    I love to be your general, or your prince , But mostly your general ^.^
  9. Now looking again for roleplays!
  10. I am looking for roleplays again! Can take on a few more!
  11. Can't help feeling you might've forgotten about or lost interest in that thing I sent you.
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  12. I wouldn't mind brotherxbrother as princes one
  13. ~Mercenary/Thief ~Incubus/Priest
    ~Dragon Shifter/Prince
  14. I'm looking for roleplays again I'll accept ideas from others as well!