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Seeking Roleplaying partners

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Tynebris, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. I had some busy and relaxing month and now I am ready to get back into forum-roleplaying.
    Just like as I joined, I wanted to start small: one on one roleplaying.

    The first idea I have is following:
    As the title suggest - and to take away, not much has been planned as of yet - the roleplay should be set in the present with some fantasy elements. I want to play a young dragon or a dragon hatchling that becomes, or is already a newly claimed pet. That said, I'd need someone who would like to roleplay the (to become) owner of that mentioned dragon-pet.

    Another idea I have:
    Is in a pure fantasy settings. I once again will play a dragon-character, though more of a mount of some sort.

    If you have any interesting fantasy ideas I welcome them. Though I am not into romance or fandom based roleplaying. Another point, I'd prefer playing a dragon-character, not old in ages. You can just send me a PM or reply in this thread, either way is welcomed.

    Thank you for reading my thread.
    - Tynebris
  2. id like to try the dragon-character one
  3. Your first idea sounds great - I'd be willing to play the owner. Your second idea - have any more of a plot? I'd like to hear it. [: Reply here or message me!
  4. To the second one there isn't much of a plot, it would require some brainstorming, preferably in PMs.
  5. I would love to Rp with you and I allways wanted to have a Dragon-character type of person ^^ PM me when you get this alright?
  6. Sure. Send me a PM and we can start brainstorming. Though a warning, I'm starting in 3hours I am gone for approx 96 hours away, most probably without an internet connection at hands.
  7. Its alright ^^