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  1. Hello, and good morning/afternoon/evening to you all who are reading this search. I am looking for a few male and female partners given I am relatively new to the site. My usual post length is two paragraphs, each roughly five or more lines. I tend to plan out the roleplays a little bit beforehand, setting aside a few main plot points and subplots to begin with. I do expect people to be able to MULTIRPC and NPC characters.

    When it comes to genre, it's basicallly you name it and I'll do it, save for yaoi and smut. You can always write the starter or, if you prefer, you can have me do it. I'll usually have a starter or two saved on my various devices I can email to myself. However, I will not be putting any of them on this thread as I prefer to keep them private as I am constantly modifying them as I gain new ideas. Please post here or message me if you are interested in tokeplaying with me. Thank you for your time.
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  2. Hello. I'm quite interested to hear what you have. o.o
  3. I as well.
  4. Both of you message me.
  5. Still lookin'
  6. Wwanna conjure up something with me then?
  7. Both of you message me
Thread Status:
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