Seeking Roleplay Partners!

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  1. Just returned from a long break, and looking to start this up again ^_^ (P.S. if I had a roleplay with you and haven't replied to it since the last time I was one here, just poke/stab me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can)

    Welcome, and thank you for visiting! Let's get this started.

    So, as far as rules go, I have very few. But here are some things you might want to know:
    1. I write novel-style, meaning no one-liners. My replies are fairly long, though I don't expect you to match them exactly. Just, give me something to work with.
    2. I usually roleplay as male characters, but I will do females if needed. Your character can be whatever gender; anything is fine with me.
    3. Nothing really offends me, but if you have any limits please do tell me beforehand just so that I'm aware.

    That's pretty much it. Otherwise, I'm awful at coming up with plot ideas alone, so instead I'm going to put up some character profiles. Some are a little more developed than others, but any one of them is fine. Just PM me with a character or two, a plot idea, or a combination of both and I'll be happy to work something out with you.

    Thanks for stopping by!








    More will be up as time goes on. I also don't mind making up a character on the spot.
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  2. Hey! I'd love to role play, if you're still up for it! All your characters seem pretty fun!
  3. I'm interested in talking to you about doing a Roleplay that includes your character Valentino.

    Please message me and we can talk plots!
  4. I am interested as well. All see very awesome characters. I seem to like Bentley. I have an idea in my head for something. But I don't wish to overwhelm you. So get back to when and if you can.