Seeking roleplay partners... again.

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  1. Back with a new character and - GASP - a couple of ideas. Still nothing real in the way of plots, but hey. if I come up with any, I'll post them here. Couple of notes, first, and then I'll lost off my ideas.

    - Rape/non-con: discuss it OOC first. Seriously. I don't want an RP ruined because one side springs it on the other without warning or OOC consent.
    - Porn without plot: either make it good porn or mix in some plot. Straight-up porn gets boring fairly quickly.
    - Hurt/comfort: I don't do the former without the latter.
    - BDSM: I have limits, which are the upper levels of bondage and the like.
    - Snuff: for the love of god discuss it OOC don't just drop it in the middle of nowhere because the RP will die soon after.

    Just another note before ideas: I'm a girl that usually plays hermaphrodites who's more into girls than guys. Guys, you're more than welcome to apply, but I might be a little rougher with you. Which is good if you're into that. Also I'm not a huge fan of human x human. Human x humanoid is totally fine; orcs, dwarves, imps, elves, you get the idea.

    The ideas are loose, but here they are...
    - Critter x anthro/human
    - MLP anything [MLP x feral, MLP x human, MLP x MLP...]
    - Zelda-esque
    - Slavery [willing or otherwise]
    - BDSM relationship
    - Pregnancy [I have a huge thing for interspecies impregnation]
    - Any of the above mashed together

    I'm also open to ideas. They don't HAVE to be explicit; hell, sex can be every few hundred pages, and just fade to black. I'm posting this here because of the generally darker themes I'm into. Reply, PM, or shout at my wall if you're interested.