seeking realistic romance, male preferred

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    like the title says, i'm looking for a simple romance 1x1 set in the real world.

    i haven't played a female character in a long time and would like to get back into it
    which is why i'd prefer my partner to play a male character this go round
    since i am not very good at fxf.

    if you want to do mxm, i'm willing to do that as well
    so long as you meet the requirements

    i have a few cliche ideas plotwise, but nothing concrete. we'll definitely be brainstorming together.
    i'd like you to be able to write at the very least a good, solid paragraph (at the very least)
    and have a good handle on grammar and spelling.

    however, since i also want this to be relaxed for both of us, please don't write a novel.
    if in doubt, mirror post.

    i'm a pretty busy person who's usually tired, so bear with me
    because i might only be able to reply every other day, every few days, etc.

    i am, por lo general, on the passive side
    even if i'm the one who thought of the idea and created the rp.
    i can definitely drive the rp along but i'll need a partner who can keep it going with me.
    so keep the fluffy fluff to a minimum and remember that we've got a story to write.

    i use both realistic and anime pictures for my characters.
    i honestly don't care at this point; it's up to you what we use
    (i might be leaning towards realistic right now. maybe.)
    there's just gotta be pictures
    and it'd be nice if there was a neat, brief form along with it

    i can rp on a thread or through pm.
    you can post here, pm me, or both.
    i am only looking for one or two partners
    so please don't feel bad if i politely decline.
  2. I've never done a romance RP but open to it as something new. I do write multiple paragraphs with rich detail, but inexperienced with romance stories. However, i'm willing to try new genres so I promise to keep an open mind.
  3. @DebonaireNerd i will pm you

    i may still be looking, anyone interested don't hesitate to post/pm me (*゚ー゚)ゞ
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.