Seeking Primarily Fantasy 1x1 (seeking female)

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  1. Greetings and salutations, everyone. I’m looking to find a couple 1x1 partners, since my current RPs are going kind of slow. If you don’t mind a somewhat slower pace (can post a couple times a day, usually, but some days I might not be available), then proceed.

    I prefer to RP over PM, but I might be convinced to do a thread in the sub-forum. E-mail is also an option.

    About post length: I’m not a huge stickler when it comes to length, as long as it’s not a one-liner. I prefer the “write what you need” maxim of writing, rather than trying to pump out big, multi-paragraph posts every single time. If I’m controlling multiple characters (and I usually am, since I GM a lot in RPs), my own posts are liable to get quite lengthy, but I do not require my partners to match that length, especially if they’re only writing for one character.
    That said, some of my posts can be surprisingly short, such as in back-and-forth conversations. That sort of scenario is probably the only time I accept one-liners, since fluffing out every bit of the conversation with internalization and lots of description can really slow down the narrative. Outside that, if you can give me even just three or four sentences, that will usually suffice.

    Things I Don’t Do: I figure I should put this up near the top so no one wastes their time.
    • Incest, Yaoi, Yuri, Furries (note, I don’t hate anthropomorphic characters, I dislike furries, and there is a difference), and really, really dark stories (unless I’m/we’re playing villains, then we can go a little darker), and super realistic (I do, however, like consistency)
    • Sexual stuff is only allowable with fade-to-black or vague/metaphoric description. Otherwise, it's a no.

    Genres of Interest:
    • Fantasy: Whether it’s modern, medieval or some kind of mix, I’m always game for a fantasy RP. I generally do mid to high fantasy if it’s medieval with magic everywhere and airships, but I can do Low Fantasy if I’m in the mood for it, as long as there’s still magic to some degree.
    • Sci-fi: This one’s more of a ‘If I’m in the mood’ type thing, but I do enjoy some sci-fi every now and again. I haven’t done one for an RP in quite a while. I generally prefer my sci-fi to be softer, though, and not too hard/realistic.
    • Romance: I prefer romance as a sub-genre to one of the above, or as a sub-plot, rather than as the main, big focus of the story, but I’m kind of a sucker for a good love story.
    Character Types/Scenarios:
    These are somewhat related to genre, and I’m keeping them relatively vague for ease of alteration and further elaboration. I’ll try to avoid creating a super specific setting, since I don’t know if someone might want to tinker with the world. Some of these ideas can be mixed together.
    I should also note these scenarios are by no means all-encompassing or strictly necessary.
    1. X is a Knight in service to his Lord/King... (open)

    2. X is a mercenary for hire... (open)

    3. X runs/works in a magic shop... (open)

    4. X is a teacher/student at a Magic Academy... (open)

    5. X is a bandit or enemy agent (open)

    6. X is a scheming villain... (open)

    7. X learns of disaster coming (open)

    8. X is a mage/warrior/creature minding his own business when summoned... (open)

    9. X is a traveling merchant or scholar... (open)

    10. X is a bodyguard of an important person's daughter... (open)

    11. X is a Paranormal PI... (open)

  2. I would love to do number one or number ten with you ^~^
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