Seeking Players: Whispers in the Walls

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  1. Take a seat, stranger, and let me tell you about some of the mysterious horrors young Highschoolers will experience this coming spring... the spring of the year 2046.

    Those young ones, innocent and eager, will be enrolled in the most technologically advanced school in Japan, if not the world, and will recieve an education only dreamt of by the most ardant of academics... but things will not be as they seem, for the particular area occupied by the campus is a very special area where the dead is the most felt. Indeed, the Dead and the Living live in two identical yet separate dimensions, where the former grow more and more instable and bitter as they stew in their unfulfiled hopes and dreams and, in most case, in their brutal and unjust death.

    You see, the veil between the two dimensions is thin in the school, one Sugimura Koutou Gakkou, and even in the brightest day the dead can be heard and felt when alone and silent. During their years as high schoolers, our young heroes will be confronted with a tough choice; live in fear or risk death for their own peace of mind?

    Should they choose the later, they will be able to comunicate with the dead when alone and get Mysteries bestowed upon them in exchange for boons of Peace, but one thing is for sure, no matter their choice...

    Do not go in the school at night.
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  2. Hmm... You've got me intrigued, I've always been a sucker for ghost/horror mystery type stories XD
  3. Good, intrigue is what I've gone for. Do you have any questions or wants about the bit that I unveiled?
  4. Well, there is one... Are the ghosts the only otherworldly beings residing in the school, or are there creatures far worse than them to be encountered given the right situation....
  5. I am so interested I've been wanting something freaky for AGES!
  6. Well, in this, ghosts can take many forms depending on their mental, emotional or spiritual state, and they REALLY don't want to be seen nor bothered when their time, night, comes. Really, the worst that will happens in in the school at night, hence the don't do it warning. Moreover, ghosts are only a part of what is there, as all type of spirits can be found in the tattered veil.

    Glad to hear it, Arius! Do you have wants or questions for me to answer or know?
  7. Not particularly, simply because York already asked the question I would have asked had I found this sooner. -waves at York- Hi by the way sorry if it seems I'm stalking you, I'm really not.
  8. Alrighty, then, now that there's two in such a short time, I feel confident enought to start the Sign Up/OOC :D!
  9. yay! -super happiness- <w< You do NOT realize how excited I am for this.
  10. I'm pretty sure I do, this plot is mah babay now and I and super excited to see it come to fruition!
  11. *Waves back at @Arius Angels * Don't worry XD this ain't the first time these "chain meetings' happen :P
  12. Alright! I shall start debating what gender/type of character to go for...
  13. Hmm... Are you only allowed to have one character to work with at a time? Or is there a particular number of characters someone can have at once?
  14. I'll keep it at at most two characters, to keep things simpler.
  15. Sure! XD I may do something with that later on o-o
  16. You're certainly welcome to! Just be sure not to get confused with their storyline. ;)
  17. Don't worry about that one :P I think I got this one in the bag...
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