Seeking people to aid me with character development.

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  1. Alright so I stayed up most of the night thinking up ideas..
    So... I do like anthro style rps but it isn't necessary,most of these can be anthro or not.
    Please ask for the whole plot as I don't feel like typing out all of these.
    Also my titles suck... so please ask.

    Post Apocalyptic Bronze age esq forbidden love. (I'll be playing a female and I need a male... would love this to be anthro.)
    Cats VS Dogs/blackmailing rp. (Only anthro only, need a male I'll be playing a female.)
    Mercenary and the one he saved/obtained somehow. (I'll be playing a male, need a female.)
    God/mortal. (Need a god/ess I'll be playing female.)
    Arranged marriage. (I'll be playing male, need female.)
  2. The 1st and 4th sound interesting... And I'm more than willing to do anthro :3
  3. ohhhh arranged marriage sounds good! PM me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.