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Fantasy, Romance, scifi, videogame, romance, pretty flexible really
I've noticed....that a lot of my rps keep I'm wondering if there's anyone out there with an interesting idea that might light the fire I had for roleplaying. It kinda died down a lot....and I feel like maybe I'm just a shitty roleplayer, either that or I'm shit at coming up with good ideas so....feel free to look at my characters or just pitch some ideas.
I mostly do fantasy.
I currently have an idea with a character that's currently in the works. Please PM if interested. It's fantasy, can take place in any time, can include horror, and is focused on character interactions but there are possible plots that can come out. There's also The Ancient Warrior, her idea is open.
ooo, I wouldn't mind doing a fantasy/romance type roleplay with you! My rps have died down as well T.T

Something with having powers or being half monster maybe?
I have an album filled with half monsters. my other album has some that has powers. ummmmm go ahead and poke around my characters as I'm working on another character atm.
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