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  1. I'm just getting started here and looking for some partners for casual or more long term role-plays. I am not picky when it comes to post length as long as I can understand what is going on and I am able to reply to it.
    My reply rate might be slow, but I try to get at least one reply a day done. I can do more when the time is available.
    The genres and settings that interest me include, but are not limited to: romance, fantasy, video game (select few or fictional), furry, modern, and adventure. I'm open to suggested settings and genres, so, don't be afraid to suggest one.
    I don't have a preference as the the gender of characters that are used or which gender they are into when it comes to romance. I like to play furries, humans, and fantasy races.

    I am totally open to suggestions for ideas. As for my own, I haven't had much time put into thinking about it, I'll list a couple just to show what's on my mind. Anyone interested in an RP doesn't have to pick from the list.

    1: Gamers that get so immersed into the games they play that they visualize themselves as the characters they are controlling in game and everything that is virtual seems real. Every hit hurts, every drink can be tasted, every word spoken is heard, and every touch is felt. Role-playing and immersion at its finest.

    2: A knight, not necessarily a traditional one, and a rogue are quick to become enemies, but they are after the same thing to use for their own intentions.

    3: A role-play where characters are playing a tabletop RPG, such as Pathfinder, D&D, etc. Most of the RP will take place in the game with an occasional shift to the meta of the characters controlling their game characters. This idea is not really fleshed out very well and I'm working on ways to revise it and make it work.

    So, if anyone is interested in starting an RP with me, either we can discuss it here or send me a PM. If anyone is looking for a 'specialty' RP, please PM me~
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  2. I like the knight and rogue one~
  3. Either the second or third idea sounds cool to me
  4. I like all of these!
Thread Status:
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