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  1. Literally a quick message. Seeking new roleplayers to roleplay with, im a pretty good roleplayer, good speller and I rp both girls and guys I only do mxf or mxm. I like to do all sorts of rps if you have any ideas or plots and if not I have plenty too. My page has been quiet for a while and my rp mood is flowing I'm even impressed with my own replies. So message me if you also crave to rp.

  2. question #1: does this offer opens to new roleplayers only or
    question #2: do you play as submissive only or

  3. Q1: its opened to anyone who would like to rp with me
    Q2: and yes I do submissive characters im just not a dom person and I didn't like it when I tried

    P.S Nawwwww thank you ^_^
  4. Awwww, I suck at writing dominant cough ;; Sorry.
  5. its ok I understand thanks for looking in anyway
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.