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  1. Do you play straight male characters?
    Are you bored?
    Do you write at an Adept level or above?
    Are you at least 18 years old?

    If you answered YES to all of these questions, you've just won a brand new car!
    Not really. But we should be friends.

    I play female characters only. No, I will not be a gay man for you. :D
    I rp in threads only. Inboxes are confusing labyrinths with no cheese at the end.

    I do have a couple of rough plots but I am open to new ones. I don't do fandoms because I'm simply not familiar with most of them. Fantasy is my jam. Romance too. Not a fan of pure smutty Libertine though. And here we go!:

    1. There's been several cases of house robbery in the neighborhood that both of our characters live in. MC, a college-aged female who rarely leaves her house, gets freaked out after the robberies turn into murder one night. Unable to sleep, she calls up YC so that there is somebody else in the house. They end up watching movies together instead of getting any sleep. YC comes back for the next several nights as the crime spree continues. CUE ROMANCE.

    2. MC finds a journal from [insert far-back year here]. There is only one entry in it that is too faded to read. MC decides to start using it herself, only to find that after her first entry, there is one that appears the next day in response to hers.. but it's dated [insert number] years ago?! *I actually really, really want to do this one. I'd like every post to be in letter form. I just think this is so neat and I'd love to give it a go! Obviously needs a bit of fleshing out but sometimes going forth blindly is fun too :D*

    3. MC, a tourist photographer, is wandering around [insert big foreign city name here] taking pictures with her digital camera. She stops to take a picture of a crowded street, not realizing she caught YC in the act of killing somebody. YC notices and follows MC in an attempt to steal the camera or memory card, only to get caught by MC. YC brushes it off, claiming he was going to ask MC out for coffee. He begins a 'romance', just trying to get close enough to get rid of the evidence. BUT THEN HE FALLS FOR HER OMG COMPLETELY UNSEEN PLOT TWIST WHAT.

    4. YC is a hotshot male cop in the papers for making big busts and generally being a hero. In reality, he's a bumbling idiot who couldn't shoot his way out of a paper bag. His partner, MC, is a rookie who basically does everything while he gets the credit. Real nice. *Not much of a plot here, the idea just amused me.*

    OKAY GO :D
  2. I would like to roleplay number 1, but I am not bored. Does that disqualify me from the running?
  3. Nope XD

    PM me and we'll work out details and get it started :D
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