Seeking partners to Rp Steven Universe!

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  1. I looked to see if i already posted a thread like this and nothing showed up. Just something for the moderators to know. Please kindly message me if there is another one. I apologize)))

    I have recently got into Steven Universe thanks to my special someone and i very much would like to try to RP it :D
    Im not picky on pairings but i have a few.

    Pairing (Bold is what id prefer to play):

    Peridot x OC (OC is my OC. Not to confuse people)
    Jasper x Lapis Lazuli

    I am looking!

    Message me through PM if you are interested please!
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  2. Sal-U-tations! Eh same thing for the other forum of yours i posted on...
  3. OMG! Another fan of peridot! YAAAAAAS!!! I will totally play Peridot! Im not THAT good at it, but i can try! i have this same type of thing up on my 1X1 Search! although, you dont have to be exactly peridot, just someone with her personality (ITS TOO CUTE!!!!)
  4. I am still looking!
  5. I am still looking for the one!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.