Seeking partner

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  1. I'm a practiced writer, looking to find a roleplay partner with similar interests. I'm willing to play both m, and f characters, and I have a number of ideas ready right out of the gate.

    My interests are:
    World building
    Sci Fi
    Post Apocalyptic

    *Romance may or may not lead to smut at my partner's discretion.
  2. Hey! I'd be interested in roleplaying with you! I can write anywhere from one sentence (very rarely) to four or five good-sized ones. Message me for plotting? :D
  3. I'm afraid I prefer my roleplay to be a bit thicker. ^.^ I rarely write fewer than three paragraphs. If you don't mind my post size though, I'd be glad to give it a shot.
  4. Hey there! I'd love to get in on any of the genres you mentioned and I prefer meaty posts as well. I am also curious as to what anti-horror is (Ponies? That's the least horrific thing I can think of). Thank you for your consideration, I hope that we can start something amazing!
  5. Okay! I tend to post as much as my partner does ^_^ I have a couple ideas, here, that you might like, but if you don't like those, we can come up with something else
  6. Gladly! I'm still not entirely sure how messaging works, but once I figure it out I'll hit you up. : )
  7. I always believe in quality over quantity... But normally, posts should be between 1 and two decent sized paragraphs :)

    I'm also new to this site, also looking to get MY foot in the door