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  1. Hello I'm new here and I'm interested in the following Things if any appeal to you let me know. The higher up on the list the more likely I am to Roleplay with you.


    I absolutely do not do OC's In 1x1 Fandom Roleplays so suggest an actual pair.

    I do not do Anal in Hetero Pairings.

    I do not Do Abuse of any kind

    Non Con/Dub Con is Fine

    Must Contain an actual plot I don't do PWP.

    Yaoi,Hetero and Yuri are okay.

    Incest is Fine within Certain Fandoms.

    No Genderbending.

    No Ejaculation anywhere but where it is supposed to go.

    I am more likely to agree to Something low on the list if the desired Roleplay contains Omorashi.

    If I Don't ship it I will not roleplay it.

    I am more likely to Agree to Yaoi,Hetero or Yuri in some fandoms than I am to others and None means I will accept all three equally (will be listed like this) that does not mean I won't accept other Sexualities it just means I'm MOST likely to accept what's in the brackets.

    Kingdom Hearts (yaoi)
    Pokémon (yaoi)
    Fire Emblem -Awakening or Fates only(hetero)
    Samurai/Dynasty Warriors - (None)
    Final Fantasy -7 or 10 only (None)
    Dragon Quest -5 or 8 only (Hetero)
    Devil May Cry -no Reboot (hetero)
    Tekken (None )
    Street Fighter (None)
    Metal Gear Solid (Snake x Raiden only)


    Black Butler (yaoi)
    Bleach (None)
    Naruto (None)
    Yugioh - Classic and GX only (None)
    Samurai Champloo (Jin X Fuu only)
    Soul Eater (Hetero)
    Record of the Lodoss War (Hetero)
    Blood+ (hetero)
    Fushigi Yuugi (none)
    Berserk (Griffith X Guts only)


    Feudal Japan

    Ancient China



    Dragonlance (none)
    Harry Potter (none)
    Percy Jackson (Hetero)
    Lord of the Rings (None)


    Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Yuri)
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  2. What kind of genres do you like?
  3. Right above you hun
  4. I mean like Fantasy, Slice of life, Horror etc ^-^; just so I can tell what 1x1 pairing to suggest we might do.
  5. OH for the plot XD it depends on the Setting what do you want to do from my list?
  6. I usually do historical fantasy, but most of the time its princess x ____.

    Could you and I talk more about plot pairings to find a pairing both of us like?
  7. Of course PM me
  8. I'm slightly interested in Yugioh, I'd be Yami Marik. Preferably you to be Ishizu or Mai, but I'm open to others.

    Also, are you interested in Fate at all?
  9. Fate/Stay? I just Started it once I've watched enough to feel comfortable Roleplaying it I'll add it to the list but currently I'm only 6 episodes in and I don't really ship Marik and Ishizu or Mai,I Ship Odion x Ishizu and Joey x Mai
  10. I've only watched the Harry Potter movies but if that's fine with you we could do that maybe. If not then Percy Jackson, I've read all the books.
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