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  1. Me:
    Hello there, lovely! I am Marilyn Fae, but you can call me Marilyn, Fae, Mare, really anything you'd like to call me! Anyway, I am 19, therefore I will only do libertine/sex scenes with people 18+. I do have a few rules so I'll just get to those really fast! (So sorry!)

    1. First off, I want to say that we will follow ALL of the rules of Iwaku.
    2. No one liners, please. At least try for a paragraph or more.
    3. There are times when I'm busy, so I will let you know if I won't respond for more than two days, I expect the same from you.
    4. If I don't reply within two days, just give me a little bump to see if I forgot to reply. **(I do this a lot!)
    5. Please no god modding. Not extreme at least.
    6. Have fun, and if you're not, talk to me so we can fix that!

    Now, on to my expectations! Note: I will NEVER
    ask my partner to do anything that I'm not willing to do myself.

    Romance is a must for me, but I don't want the plot all about the romance. Add some drama, or action.

    Reply at least twice a day, at the very least once a day. I will get busy sometimes and I understand everyone has a life, but as soon as I get a chance I will reply to all of my role-plays, and I hope to post at least twice a day.

    No one liners! Try to post at least a paragraph. I will always try to still do 3 or more, but I understand it's not that easy sometimes.

    I love having OOC conversations with my partners. It's always easier to role-play if we're friends, right?

    I apologize, but I ONLY use REALISTIC PICTURES when we exchange character sheets.

    Sorry guys, I ONLY play M x F.

    1. A Summer In Italy
    Two best friends have been in denial for many years now. They love each other, that much is obvious to everyone, except themselves. That is until the time finally comes. It's the summer after their senior year in high school and they just graduated. Now they have one summer, three months, before they head their own way for college. Deciding to take advantage of the time, the two head off to Italy, a place they had promised long before to go together. The long, hot summer days pass my slowly and the cool nights bring peace into the air, but what will happen now with their love spread into the world and they finally come to terms with their feelings, in A Summer in Italy?
    2. Seeing You Again
    Not everyone gets to experience having a true best friend. One where it doesn't matter where in the world you're at, you're always in each others heart. For these two, this is what they have. They met when they grew up across from each other in a small town, but it wasn't long before she was pulled away and moved half way across the country. They lost touch as the years flew by, but somewhere inside of them, they never forgot about their best friend. She hadn't seen him in nearly four years. Now she was almost twenty, and moving back to he small town to raise her baby. What happens when she runs into her old best friend again, but this time she has a child of her own?
    3. Unexpected Miracles (1920s Time Period)
    She was walking home from the library, just as she did everyday. The only difference was that she was late and had taken a wrong turn somewhere. She was just about to turn around when she felt something hit her side. It caused confusion and pain slightly. She stumbled and nearly fell, dropping all of her books on the wet ground. She looked down and went to pick her books up when she noticed the thing that had hit her. A football. He was just playing a late game of football when he hit someone. He rushed to help the girl up and pick her things up, but never in and million years did he think that when he looked into her eyes would he be mesmerized. Now his only goal was to win her over.
    (These two are complete opposites. She comes from and privileged family, he comes from a poorer family. She has a daily routine and doesn't try new or 'fun' things, but he lives on the thrill of life.)

    4. A Soldier In Blue
    She was young, still in college, while he was in the military. They didn't know each other before, in fact, they had never met. They communicated through a pin pal program the military had set up, but what happens when he gets to come back for break and finally meets the woman that he has fallen for through the thin papers they exchange?
    *I was thinking that we could go through the difficulties where he came back and then went away and then came back and went away. And then maybe (just an idea) something could happen to him? Maybe they get together and she gets pregnant (this part isn't necessary, but a suggestion) and then a bomb blows up close to the soldier and he looses his memory so she had to show him all their letters and help him remember his memory.

    5. Until I Hear You Say It
    This would be a role-play based off of a mute boy and a regular girl. They have both been hurt, but they decide to become friends. Best friends actually. They continue with their friendship up until their senior year in high school, when the mute male realizes he has fallen for his best friend. She has still never heard his voice though. This could go one of two ways, unless anyone who is interested has any suggestions of course. One: the male gets another phone and begins to talk to the girl, actually speaking along with texting and stuff under a different name and eventually it gets revealed that it's just her best friend. Or Two: the girl could like her best friend too, but before either get to confess their feelings, she gets into a car wreck and gets in a coma and doesn't wake up for a month or so. During this time, maybe the male could sit and talk to her and confess his feelings, all the while she can hear him, she just can't move or talk back.
    6. The Bad Boy Next Door
    When the 'new' girl in town moves in next to the bad boy, she has no idea what she's gotten herself into. But this story is different than the average. The 'new' girl isn't so new. She had gone to school with the bad boy for years before, and just moved away. But now that she was starting college, she moved back. Although the two use to be good friends, he doesn't recognize her and immediately tries to hit on her, but she has no interest in him at all. But soon realizing his was his dear friend, the bad boy makes it more of a challenge to win her over again. But will she fall for it?
    7. Hopeful in Seattle
    She hated Seattle. Or, it wasn't really Seattle.. It was the hospitals. That's the only reason she ever came, was for the chemo treatment at the Seattle hospitals. That is until her family decided to move there so that it wouldn't be as expensive of a drive. She had been fighting cancer for seven years now almost, but finally she decided to stop treatment. She wanted to go to school and attend her senior year like a normal human. That's when she met the schools bad boy in school therapy, and he immediately latches on to the mysterious girl who, unlike all the other girls, wants nothing to do with him.

    I am open to any other plots you have, or any pairings we can create a plot together with! If you have any ideas or suggestions for these, please feel free to PM me and let me know! :D

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  2. Still looking!!
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  3. I like the first five in interested.
  4. OK I will soon
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  5. I'm interested! 1, 2, and 4 are my favorites. I have a character that I made for another rp and he's a badboy, but I like the image I have of him in my head so he may become a premade character that I'll make a character sheet for and everything. If you're interested I can send you the rp I played him in, a while back on my old iwaku account?
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