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I've been on Iwaku for a few years now, but I've been inactive for a long while (I've been doing roleplays on another site). I'm looking for a partner who can play a male character (I don't care what your gender is) alongside my female character.

  • Length: I write long openers and transitions (6+ paragraphs). Typically, my first few posts will be long. Once we get into the groove of roleplay, it usually slows to 2-5 paragraphs.
  • I am not online every day. I tend to be very active for the first few posts of an rp, but after that I might only post once a week, or even once every few weeks. If that is a problem for you, we are not a good fit as rp partners.
  • I'm open to a variety of genres
  • I don't care for horror, or roleplays that are entirely based on sex
  • Romance is a necessity in my roleplays. However, there must be a plot outside of the relationship.

Plot Bunnies
These are just suggestions, so I'm happy to hear any ideas you have. The role I wish to play is in purple if not otherwise stated. Some of these are cliche, but sue me XD.

  • Wild West
    • Your character is a rough and tumble, gunslinging outlaw. Whether or not he's actually guilty of his crimes is up to you. My character is either A) a woman on the run who bumps into your character, and ends up traveling with him or B) a woman whose boarding house he stays at.
  • Scottish highlands
    • My character has been unwilling engaged to the chief of a nearby clan. Rather than get married, she runs away. Your character is either the chief tracking her down himself, or a soldier/mercenary he's sent in his place.

  • Celebrity x Bodyguard
    • My character is a celebrity. Your character is a professional bodyguard who ends up protecting her from an increasingly dangerous stalker. She can either hire him, or perhaps they just bump into each other by chance and he offers his help once he finds out about the situation.

  • Retelling of a fairy tale or mythological tale
    • Little red riding hood, beauty and the beast, Hades and Persephone, etc.

  • Psychic x Skeptical cop
  • Psychic x Cop whose secretly a magical creature

  • Alpha werewolf x human mate
  • Injured werewolf x veterinarian who thinks she's saving a wolf

  • Faerie king x kidnapped human bride

  • Bounty hunter x cyborg
    • We can work out the details of this one, but basically this is a cyberpunk rp in which my character is a cyborg, trying to overthrow a corrupt government. Your character is a bounty hunter working for the government.
  • Cyborg x mechanic
    • Also cyberpunk, but I'm open to playing either role

  • Alien x human

  • Witch x Accidentally summoned incubus/demon

I look forward to hearing from you!
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  • Cyborg x mechanic
    • Also cyberpunk, but I'm open to playing either role
      • Alien x human
  • Witch x Accidentally summoned incubus/demon
All of these are of great interest to me, you seem to be a rare diamond in the rough amongst writers here

Your post doesn't say whether I should contact you here or PM so I contacted you here(of if it does I'm very very blind)

Needless to say I'm capable of writing numerous paragraphs, and actually you mirror me a fair bit on how your posting goes