Seeking Partner for Girl x Girl Romance-Drama

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  1. Hey everybody! I'm a lesbian looking for other queer girls interested in lesbian-romance-drama-slightly-smutty 1x1 / Libertine RPs. Confident writing, high drama, body diversity, and racial diversity are musts for me. I'm fine playing passive or aggressive as well as butch or femme. (Butch x Femme is my favorite relationship type but the other combos are really fun too!)

    Possible RP Ideas I'm Excited About Right Now:
    (feel free to combine, tweak, expand on, or completely ignore any to all of these)
    (Note: I imagine all of these characters as 18-24 years old because that's my age group so there ya go)
    1. Witches - Two girls who don't know each other, or perhaps don't even like each other, unexpectedly discover that they both have magical powers. Previously, both had been ashamed/afraid of the weird powers, assuming she was the only person on Earth who had them. As a result, this revelation proves pretty huge. Their relationship evolves into romance as they learn to cope with and harness their powers together. Eventually they decide to set out to find other women like them and form their own modern witch's coven. Tensions shift as new characters arrive and the coven struggles to remain a secret.
    2. Girl Gang - A passive good girl type meets one of the leaders of a nomadic rebel girl gang that's passing through her town. They find themselves inexplicably attracted to each other over the course of several run-ins, and eventually they begin to help each other out. When the time comes to skip town, the rebel girl has to convince the good girl to leave her present life and join them. If and when she does, the new recruit struggles to fit in.
    3. High School - This one takes place at your cliche All-American High School. Cliques are rigid and social status is everything. So what happens when the prom queen frontrunner and the biggest dyke in school find themselves wrapped up in a secret affair?
    Other Tropes I Like But Don't Presently Have Ideas For:
    • Nuns
    • Vampires
    • Princesses
    • Girls Masquerading as Boys
    • The American South West
    • Fancy Boarding Schools
    • Fairytale Kingdoms
    • Lots More, Suggest Things to Me!
    Please respond or message me if you're at all interested! Thanks! ♥ ♥ ♥
  2. I'm interested.
  3. I'm interested in the Witches plot.
  4. Great!

    Nica, I'll send you a PM soon.

    Jenny, any particular plots you're interested in?
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  5. If you're looking for a libertine roleplay, this sort of request should only be posted in the libertine roleplay forum where you're only surrounded by people who are 18 and older. The restrictions are set up for a fair reason and the administrators here don't condone adults doing smut with teenagers. Therefore, I'd advise you seek out a staff member to move this thread for you to the appropriate place or simply request a thread moderation down below. Other than that, happy finding! (:
  6. Not really but maybe we can discuss one pm me please
  7. @Writer Jenny - Okay, I'll PM both of you then!

    @Alexa - Thank you for pointing that out! Must've gotten turned around finding where to post it. I sent a request for it to be moved!
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