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  1. Hello, I'm looking for some partners who are willing to let their creative juices flow and come up with a fantastic plotline to go by. Here are some guidelines to look over first before considering a roleplay with me.​


    My first expectation is that you are at least an adept writer. Advanced is preferred but at least adept. If you do not know what that means, check out the link for your sanity and mine. I require a partner who is willing to play the male leading role but does not mind playing secondary female characters. If you insist that you only play males, please leave. I won't roleplay with someone who can't play diverse gender roles- my roleplay style is not reverse harem.

    My next expectation is that you take a look at the content ratings- if you are not comfortable with a majority of any triggers that I have listed down for a potential roleplay, it's best if you turn away from this thread because I do not want to emotionally hurt anyone in anyway. I also expect for my partner to post at a consistent speed. At least post once a week. I would expect more for these next three weeks since I'm on break, but one post a week is the minimum. If you're going to be gone for one week, let me know beforehand. Are you having some real life issues? Let me know if that will affect the speed of our roleplay. Not sure what to post? Let me know and we can discuss it.

    Some more expectations are the ability to contribute. Always contribute. You will be expected to play NPCs, as well as throw in some minor plot twists, etc. Don't be passive. Help progress the story. Quality over quantity. No one-liners. My norm is usually around three paragraphs and I'd prefer if my partner posted around the same length. No semi-paragraphs are allowed. A full paragraph is five sentences. If you do not give me some writing samples from other roleplay threads you've been in, or have one in your roleplay resume, I will hunt your roleplay threads down. If I feel that we are not compatible in writing style, do not mope. I know what I want to see when roleplaying with a partner and if I feel you do not give me what I want to see, it's for your own good and mine.

    One thing I cannot stand is that if people do not show genuine interest. If all you're going to say is "Sure, I can do this with you", please back away. I only roleplay in threads. The PM will only be used for plot discussion and general chatting. My last rule, one that irks me if someone does not follow it- I will only roleplay in third person, past tense. No present tense, no first person point of view. Only third person, past tense.​

    Author's Note:

    If you are interested, here are some pairing ideas I would like to try out or do, as well as some settings and genres. If none of those pairings, settings, or genre ideas interest you, there's nothing wrong with looking at my roleplay resume. I can assure you I have tons more genres, pairings, and settings that I love with all my heart!

  2. I'm still looking for some partners if anyone is interested in taking a look! (:
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