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  1. Hey all! (I did also post this in the General section, but figured posting it here would provide me with a bit more variety in audience)

    So before we get started, I figured it would be a good idea to get most of the nitty-gritty stuff out of the way. The following are some brief notes to take into account before messaging me.
    • I prefer to RP males as my MC, but can RP anything as an SC.
    • I only RP heterosexual romantic relationships (M/F). (I have no issue whatsoever with anybody's sexual preferences, I just prefer "straight" if I'm going to RP Romance :).)
    • I believe maturity is a matter of mind rather than age, and I would prefer someone who is going to think replies through before posting them.
    • I have no objections towards RPing Libertine (18+) scenes if you wish to do so, but remember, plot before smut! If our characters are going to get a bit frisky beneath the covers then they'll need to work for it! *shoves hoard of vehemently protesting male characters back into their box* "Nobody cares that you lot want nothing but smut! Me, myself and my new accomplice want to torture you plot first!"
    • I don't necessarily mind who I RP with, except in the case of libertine interactions. I'm not trying to be discriminate, but as we're all here simply because we love writing and want to have fun, I'm not going to do anything that makes me uncomfortable: so guys, you're welcome to shoot me through an expression of interest so long as you understand there will be no intimate shenanigans described in vivid detail between us. Anything else is fair game!
    • I'm AEST/UTC + 10 (I'm in the future, peoples!), diurnal and and usually not available to RP on weekends. I also have other life obligations that do not revolve solely around me sitting on my butt in front of a computer, but you can expect at least one reply most days from me. It is not a requirement that you be a rapid firer, but at least a couple times a week would be great.
    • I prefer forum posts rather than PMs or IMs for the IC. I am quite happy to use PM, IM or Forum as OOC communication, though.
    • No one-liners! I write in paragraph form, third person, past tense, and my standard is 3 - 5 paragraphs per post. I would prefer if your style was somewhat similar.
    • Please be willing to contribute something to a plot! I can not stand it when I write a reply and the response I receive relates exactly what I have just written from the other character's POV. A little bit of continuity goes a long way!
    OK! If you're still reading this then I'll assume that my list hasn't thrown you off yet. Great! Shall we continue?

    So, what kind of role play am I seeking at this point in time, you may ask? WELL...

    • Adventure! Life-or-death exploration and adventure! As in, like,Yamatai Island style adventure! In spite of the fact that I LOVE Tomb Raider, even here I'm still not keen on a fandom fic, but something similar with our own mob of bad guys and kick-ass characters and epic plot would be fantastic!
    • Urban Fantasy/Supernatural. Vampires, the non-sparkly type. And Werewolves that are actually Werewolves, not glorified Shapeshifters, thank you!
    • Romance! I actually do have a particular hankering for a touch of romance at the moment, which is unusual, because usually I'm pretty neutral on the subject. Having said that, I'm still not about to delve into any of this Romeo and Juliette Live-at-First-Sight nonsense. Let's drag it out as much as possible; give a few heartstrings a good, solid tug along the way. Make 'em positively pine for each other!
    • Something Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian/Horror. If any of you have read the Ashes trilogy by Ilsa J.Bick and are willing to draw inspiration from those pages of epicness, I would spawn your internet children out of sheer gratitude. Again, no fandom.
    • Puzzles. Puzzles are awesome. I've just finished reading The Maze Runner (good book if you don't mind the bland writing style and lack of character variety), and although I have never done a puzzle-driven RP before, I imagine it would be good fun!
    • And last but certainly the most strange for me... School. Like, Collage on Campus or something, as long as it's not terribly mediocre! Maybe a mage/wizarding school type? 17 - 25 year old characters?

    Obviously some of these can be mushed together, and I probably won't have time to take on too many RPs! I have other life obligations that require my attention, but I will take on a couple of RPs. PM me with a little bit about yourself, what you're into and whatever plot you may have in mind if you're interested!
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