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Action/Adventure, Historical Romance/Time Travel, Sci-fi, Fandoms, Supernatural/Paranormal, Action/Thriller, Medieval Fantasy, Apocalyptic/Dystopian, Crime/Mystery
Hello; please to meet you all! I'm here (again) to find a few partners-in-crime to roleplay with. I enjoy just about every genre/setting except realistic high school/college life, Steampunk, Anime, Furries/Anthros, Cartoons, and Video Games. I can play both male and female characters (preferably females), can double/triple, can give my partner(s) multiple decent-sized paragraphs, and can write in the third person (past tense) perspective.

  • Please be 18+
  • Please have all characters be 21+
  • Please be willing to play the male role and/or double
  • Please write in the third person
  • Please only use realistic (celebrity/model) face-claims
  • 2-4+ decent sized paragraphs per post
  • Please be laid-back and patient
  • Don't start a private conversation without telling me a little bit about yourself
  • Please be semi-literate or advanced

  • Historical Romance/Suspense (I can do almost any time period!)
  • Crime/Murder Mystery
  • Historical or Modern Fantasy
  • Medical Drama (Similar to Grey's Anatomy)
  • Supernatural/Paranormal Romance
  • Misadventures
  • Disney/Dream Works-Inspired
(Canon x OC)
  • Lord of the Rings [Seeking Eomer]
  • Star Trek - New Films! [Seeking Dr. McCoy]
  • Priest [Seeking Black Hat]
  • The Phantom of the Opera - 2004 Film [Seeking Erik]
  • Reign of Fire [Seeking Creedy]
  • X-Men - 1 & 2 [Seeking Scott Summers]
  • MCU - I have not seen most of the MCU films! [Seeking Skurge]
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy [Seeking Dr. Crane]
  • Batman - 1989/1992/1995 [Seeking Bruce Wayne]
  • Indiana Jones - 1, 2 & 3 [Seeking Indy]
  • Jurassic Park - 1993 [Seeking Dr. Grant or Dr. Malcolm]
  • Top Gun [Seeking Iceman]
  • Aliens [Seeking Corporal Hicks]
  • The Terminator - 1984 [Seeking Kyle Reese]
  • The Following [Seeking Joe Carroll]
  • NCIS [Seeking Tony DiNozzo]
  • Father Brown [Seeking Inspector Sullivan]
  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Seeking Inspector Robinson]
  • Hawaii Five-0 [Seeking Steve McGarrett]
  • The Vampires Diaries/Originals [Seeking Alaric Saltzman, Damon Salvatore or Elijah Mikaelson]
  • Xena: The Warrior Princess [Seeking Cupid]
  • Almost Human [Seeking John Kennex]
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Shake a tin of dice and tell me what numbers they give you.
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Sci-Fi, Fantasy, an assortment of Fandoms. Ask and you shall receive (an answer). Generally always up for Star Wars.

I rewatched Aliens no more than a few days ago and I would be positively thrilled to play that with you!
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