Seeking One[x]One Roleplay

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  1. I didn't plan out much yet because I first want to see if there is even someone interested in that. Planning in more detail will be there is someone who is interested (and it will then be discussed / plotted in more via PM or in this thread.

    What I have planned/thought is more of the modern era. There are a few fantasy-creatures, most of them are already pets. I wanted to play a young dragon / dragon-hatchling pet. So I'd need someone who'd like to roleplay the owner.
  2. Would you be interested in a girlxgirl roleplay? If not, I completely understand, but I'm just wondering, because I really want to do one like this.

    Also, how about a fanbased roleplay?
  3. I'm sorry, I'm more seeking for playing a male in a dragon-pet and owner setting.
    I'm also not really into fanbased roleplaying, sorry.
  4. Hi Tynebris, I'm interested in your idea, but I'm really new to this (I've done some rp 10 years ago, but it was... well, 10 years ago) so if you don't mind taking things a little slowly, I'd love to try this out.
  5. Sure, I have nothing against a slower pace. I'm also not good in roleplaying, I don't expect whole essays. I'll PM you once I have more time (Gotta go soon to class)
  6. Great! Looking forward to hearing from you :)