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    I would like to first wish everyone a happy and successful new year when it comes to roleplaying or anything else that you would like to do. I also would like to apologize for being rather depressed and not taking any of my rps seriously, but all of my new partners and some of the moderators have help me understand who I really am why I decided to roleplay at all. I am Ibara no Joo or queen of roses, I'm nineteen years old and currently attending college, my responses depend on how many classes I have and ether or not I have internet. I can post around 2-7 paragraphs and do both male and female roles.
  2. Fandoms

    Dragon Age
    Cullen x OC
    Alistair x OC
    Fenris x OC
    Cassandra x OC

    Mass Effect

    Garrus x OC
    Kaidan x OC
    Liara x OC

    Black Butler
    Sebastian x OC
    Ciel x OC
    Elizabeth x OC

    Fallout 4
    Danse x OC
    Nick Valentine x OC
    Synth x OC

    if there are any other fandoms, you want to do. go ahead and ask me.
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  3. angels and demons have existed for two centuries. all expect in one very small town. A young woman is a singer and quite good at that, she has fans and is getting ready for her next audition but soon gets diagnosed with throat cancer and only has a year and a half to live. She's upset and angry and decides to run away and end her life, then she meets a young man who decides to save her life but turning her into an immortal being, but what happens when a demons soon falls in love with her.

    ______ was the girl with the coldest heart, most of the guys tried to get what her but she turned them down, causing them to call her the ice princess. when a new kid joins the fabulous Ouran Academy. the girl is immediately infatuated with him seeing as he is not like the other kids. but what happens when both of them are tricked into joining the famous host club. will their romance spark or will their clients get in the way

    She couldn't kill him, no matter how hard she tried. she found herself with her dagger pressed against the pale skin of his throat so many times. was their something about his eyes or the way he looked defenseless around her. finally one night. when he is injured enough by his own kind. she takes him home and treats his injuries. she wonders why she did this for the man she was supposed to kill

    __________ is a vampire who has been living well past him limits. he keeps to himself and not even the other vampires can get him to open up. One night a human girl who is looking to end her life asks him to kill her. But the thing is he refuses saying that he doesn't drink blood anymore. what will the girl do. will she find someone else or try to figure out what had happened to hum

    ___________ is a young noble woman who has just become engaged to very a famous business man from another country. the problem is she is way to nervous to talk her fiance about planning her dream wedding since she is afraid that their styles would clash. so one night she desires to hire a personal escort to help make her wedding dream come true, but what happens when they start to fall for each other

    he was a musician, and a powerful one at that. he had the best career a ton of fans following him wherever he went and going to every show he ever had. but the problem was. he was what they call in the music business an over worker. One night, he had collasped on the stage and while he is laying one of the couches recovering from his illness. one of the fans and his boss comes in and says. "You either give up being reckless, or your out of here."
  4. Other Ideas

    demon princess knows her arranged husband has vanished into the human world and decides to go after him, because he wants to live a normal life. (romance / fantasy / can be tied with a malfia based)

    malfia's pregnant daughter decides to summon a demon or hire a vampire to help her raise her baby away from her supernatural obsessed father.

    woman who decides to throw a huge party for all her friends, ends up sleeping with her ex's brother and ends up pregnant, who just happens to be a leader of a pack of werewolves.
  5. Pairings

    Vampire x anyone
    human x supernatural creature
    werewolf x anyone
    witch x anyone
    angel x anyone
    Childhood Friends
    Arranged Marriage
    Prince x Peasant Girl
    Shy Nerd Girl x Gamer Boy
    Princess x Street Rat
    Famous Person x Fan
    Singer x Guitar Player
    Angel x Demon
    Prince x Maid
    Good Girl x Bad Boy
    musician x angel
    pregnancy / starting a family
    Terminally Ill Teenager x Runaway/Delinquent
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  6. my brand new sample

    Ever since he knew, Maximus found it thrilling that there was another world, another dimension similar yet worlds apart from his own. A quaint place called Earth. Though it was different with its variety of animals, plants, and people, Earth was similar in the fact that it's inhabitants waged wars on different 'races' of people. Maximus never understood why humans (that was the name of Earth's dominant species) called other humans a different race. When humans said that, it only referred to skin color, eye shape, hair color, and culture. To Maximus' species, the Fae, different races certainly were just that: different. All humans, no matter what 'race', bled the same blood, had the same weaknesses, had the same physical bodily and physical needs. The different races of the Fae were different in many extremes. Some took a similar form, what would be known to Earthlings as 'humanoid', much like Maximus. Others, like the fauns, harpies, Godlings... they looked much different, acted much different, and had different physical traits. Others, like faeries, daedra, or incubi looked the same, except for minor differences such as wings for faeries, or 'demonic' traits for daedra. The incubus (or succubus for the females) looked much like humans, in fact, a human wouldn't be able to see a difference, but one thing never changed: this race was always very attractive. This helped them to achieve their needs; to thrive off of sexual energy.

    Maximus belonged to that race; the race of the incubus. He was the son of a wealthy father and a well known military leader. In this world, anyone could join the military, but only the best nobles could join elite forces. Maximus decided to follow in his father's footsteps and join the military, training for a very long time, learning his limits and the extent of his powers. He joined the elite forces, and was boosted up to the top tier of elite forces in the rank of assassins. At this time, his kingdom was at peace, and he wasn't needed. He left his home and went to Earth, through the tear of dimensions that only privileged Fae could go through.

    Entering the human world wasn't very intimidating for most Fae. A great deal of researchers had been there before to learn of them and their culture, and these things had been taught in the schools and colleges for the Fae to learn. In grade school, it was required that every student learn three languages of the humankind. These were set as English, Spanish, and French. They were easy for the Fae to learn, as they saw the language as simple and easy compared to their own. All Fae shared one language, and it always boggled them how a species such as the humans, who seemed all very similar, would have so many different ways to communicate.

    Upon entering the human world, Maximus smiled, excited about living among them. He had been here a handful of times with his father, though only for very short periods of time. A few hours, a day at most. This time, he wanted to spend more time, and really get a feel for human life. He appeared in America, as the certain tear in his world would lead him. He appeared in the large field; a park, he had been told this was. Eagerly, he began to walk around. He blended in perfectly fine; when humans looked at him, they saw a handsome man in his early twenties. He was tall, fit, and graceful as he walked about. He looked at the trees, the benches, the strange, fat, gray birds that cooed and pecked at the ground. Maximus looked at the humans chatting, jogging, walking their dogs, playing with a disk that they would toss in the air from one human to the other (Frisbee) and he looked at the old women on a bench, feeding a fat bird some breadcrumbs.

    He took his little walk further, coming across small tables with two chairs facing one another. On the tables were little checkered boards with oddly shaped, tiny statues on them. Maximus approached, taking one of the pieces and inspecting it closely.

    "Do you know how to play, son?" Came a voice. Maximus glanced up, setting the piece down and shaking his head. "It's a game?" The human was an elderly man with a polite smile. He approached Maximus and nodded, "It's called chess. It's a strategic game; each piece on the board can move a special way. The objective is putting the king into a 'checkmate'." Maximus smiled slightly, and the human smiled back, "Would you like to play?"
  7. searching for partners
  8. searching for partners
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