Seeking one on one

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  1. Even open to a group RP.

    I'd prefer to have a partner than can make more than one post a day/every other day. Nothing more infuriating than being all into an RP and having the person be on all day but not replying. XD

    I'm into historical, medieval, fantasy, romance, etc. Mostly everything if it has a good plot, just no scifi <3

    Not picky about the style of RPing you do, but prefer posts longer than 7 words as short posts really don't give much to work with. ;)

    I'm on a lot of the day as I'm jobless right now, so if anyone has any RP ideas and would like to try them out, let me know!
  2. I'll do one with you.
  3. Awesome, what kind of ideas do you have?
  4. I'm down for this! :3
  5. I'll do one with you as well :)
  6. I'd like to role play with you. Please PM me