Seeking one on one roleplay for Inuyasha idea

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    Warrior By Day


    Demon by night

    So I have this roleplay idea where this girl is a hunter for demons during the day, and a demon herself when night falls. The only thing is she never remembers when she turns into a beast she thinks she just falls asleep and wakes up.

    She doesn't have family never had family since she could remember, all she has of them is a crown that she wears on her head that she's always had and a tattoo that covers both her arms and backs.

    But I wanted this roleplay to be with sesshomaru from inuyasha. I love his personality and I don't know exactly the story line of the roleplay all I know is I want to have a lot of fighting scenes between the two, and eventually very slowly sesshomaru starts to like her. Sort of like he did Rin, but this more adult like.

    I would like to play the girl only because i'm very good at playing a the demonic, mean, hard to get, badass girls better than I am the guys

    1. Maybe he finds her sleeping in the woods in her demon form

    2. Maybe there both looking for the same relic and they cross paths a lot

    3. Maybe she knows Rin.

    4. Maybe because she's a hunter by the day she was sent to try and kill him, but

    I don't know

    I don't know the whole idea is a rough one but i've always wanted to use this character and have someone else play sesshomaru feel like it would be a great roleplay with the right person. Any questions or ideas please feel free to share or ask.
  2. Im an avid fan of Sesshomaru personally but it has been a long time since ive read the manga or watched the show. I am going to do my research real quick (recap probably with anime) to get a feel for the character before i agree to try and roleplay him

    I just wanted to leave this message as a sign not to lose hope for this idea!
  3. Yay I hope you decide you want to do it ^^
    Again all my ideas are rough so we can have fun coming up with an idea
  4. Yes i will definitely do it. I just don't want to mess up acting as the legendary Sesshomaru ^_^

    Probably will be ready by tomorrow
  5. No worries I started going over things too just to refresh my memory. We won't start right away since we need to figure out a plot and everything but nonetheless. I'm excited.
Thread Status:
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