Seeking one more advanced partner! (Looking for a Male Main Character)

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  1. Hello! I am currently lacking roleplays, and am on the hunt for one or two more.

    I'm looking for Advanced writers who are willing to help me move the story along and add their own input to the plot, as well as carry multiple characters. I generally play female main characters, mostly because my male characters take quite a bit of energy for me to play and develop since it doesn't come all that naturally to me. However, I do play dozens of other characters.

    I'm looking for someone who can replay at least once a week, since that's all I can promise at the moment. There are times I can post more, and if something comes up, I will let you know ahead of time.

    My absolute minimum is four paragraphs (At least that's how much I can post without cringing at myself.) I would like someone who can post at least that much. More is always welcome!

    Loyalty doesn’t Pay (Into the Badlands universe. Story based solely on the setting with the characters, not related to the storyline of the show!) The Widow has suffered from major head trauma and is left with no memories at all of who she is, or where she belongs. All that she knows is that everywhere that she goes, there is someone ready to attack her, and she’s fully capable of defending herself.

    Enter Sunny. No longer regent for Quinn, he’s on his own quest of discovery. When he crosses paths with The Widow, and learns that the woman is completely clueless of who he is, he decides that it’s time to have a bit of fun of his own. After all, how many men can say they’ve had the pleasure of having one of the Badland’s most independent women under their control? With The Widow completely unaware of who Sunny is, and after a daring rescue when the woman is faced with more than she can handle, he makes his move, claiming to know everything about her and willing to divulge the information; at a cost.

    But trouble isn’t going to leave The Widow alone just because she’s got the infamous Clipper at her side. The two soon learn that nowhere is safe in the Badlands, not for a man known for murder and a woman who’s made more enemies than friends.

    At the draw of a gun(Dark Tower verse) The plot begins with Steven and Gabrielle's first meeting. Gabrielle comes from an upstanding family in a Beesford-On-Arten. When the town begins to become overwhelmed by demons and muties Gilead is called, and a gunslinger is summoned to assist. Steven Deschain is sent out to investigate and calm the town, but soon discovers that the mutants and demons are not attacking the town on their own accord. There is a higher power at work, forcing them to attack the town, with their primary target being none other than Gabrielle herself. (To make anyone feel better, it can always be the Crimson King trying to prevent Roland from ever being born by killing his mother, but I actually have another bad guy in mind. =D) Now it is Steven's task to not only protect Gabrielle and the rest of the town, as well as put a stop to the demons, but he must also find out who is controlling them and put a stop to them as well.

    Vengeance of the Gods The Gods have sat through centuries, long after mankind had abandoned them. They watched as the world they created together became a veritable landfill, polluted beyond repair. Humanity had reached its lowest point. The majority of the world’s wealth belongs to one family, with the rest of the world barely scrapping by. To survive, the common citizens are forced to give up their freedoms and submit to the rule of the family, or live as outcast in the contaminated wilderness. The gods simply watched on, witnessing the world’s decline until they could take no more of it.

    In anger, the gods decide that it is time to eradicate mankind, destroy the world that had been developed and allow nature to restore itself. However, one god feels that humanity can be saved, that they can turn things around if they are given the chance. He speaks out against the other gods plans, refusing to accept them. Without a unanimous agreement to the destruction of the world, the gods are forced into a compromise. The opposing god has one year to prove that humanity can be saved, that there is a reason that they should not be wiped out. The one condition he must be the one to go down to Earth to find the one person he believes is capable of changing things for the better. The chosen one? The only daughter of the De’Voint family, the shadow rulers of the world.

    Of course the other gods don’t plan to make it easy for him. Not only is the god forced to convince the chosen one that she can save the world, and humanity, but he must survive all that the other gods have in store for them.
    (Futuristic RP)
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  2. Can we do an original styled role-play? :D
  3. Right now I'm kind of only looking for this plot, and my next original idea search has already been reserved. =/ Sorry.
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