Seeking older brother for a BrotherxSister mature RP

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  1. Plot:

    When they were younger, they were inseperable. Even as toddlers, she would always trail behind her big brother with large puppy dog eyes. No matter what, she admired him. Wanted to be just like him.

    Once she got into highschool, he left for college. As the years went by, she gradually forgot about that admiration for her big brother, and now that he was coming home she couldn't care less. She had bigger goals like graduating high school and playing for a professional orchestra and showing that she was truly the better child.

    Little did she know that throughout the apart years, her brother thought of her. Even if now he was cocky and annoying who loves to tease her and push her buttons, she still felt like she wanted to be noticed by him. She wanted him to see how she's grown up. She wants to be noticed not just as a equals, but as a lover..

    1. At least two or three paragraphs please. More would be just fine.

    2. Please use proper spellin and granmar..!!!

    3. Post at least once or twice a day. If you cant, that would be fine.

    4. If you lose interest, don't just drop out. Tell me first.

    5. Send me a starter first if your interested please?

    6. Please, please be the dominant one..! And be kind if a cock bastard that teases her a lot, both to sexually and to get on her nerves.
  2. Hello im very interested!
  3. Oh, nevermind! :) Already done it seems
    Have fun!
  4. Thanks! I wasn't really expecting someone to respond so fast but that's great. :) I'll go ahead and make the Thread, the name of it will be "Notice me, Big Brother!!". I look forward to role playing with you, Pendulum Ghost!
  5. Do you need a starter? Like you requested? If so what is that? It like a sample of my writing?
  6. Yes, a sample of your writing is all please. :)
  7. Kyle shifted his gaze, eager to bring into focus what he was seeing. He knew that this semester had been difficult so strenuous that he had barely enough time to sleep much alone time for extracurricular activities like a girlfriend or partying. But all that sacrifice and hard work had indeed paid off as he looked at his grade point average which was a total flip flop from his high school GPA.

    The first semester had been a rough but successful rollercoaster ride and he was even more eager to return home brag about how well he had done. Not to mention get his party on and make up for all the long boring nights he spent slaving over textbooks and laptops.

    Tomorrow he would be home in his own room without an annoying roommate to keep him up at night with their dinosaur like snoring. God that had been the worst part of the whole experience sleep hard to come by as it had been but his roommate was one of those deep sleepers wouldn't wake up from being raped, type of people. Kyle didn't like to admit it but he had been homesick for months. He hasn't been able to come home even during Christmas so he hasn't seen his dad, mother and younger sister for going on 9 months. When he got there he would make sure he was as annoying as humanly possible and scare the crap out of his family when their guard was down he had always loved pulling pranks and getting under his sister skins especially.
  8. Perfect! Once I can I will start the thread!!
  9. Sorry it took so long, I created the thread.
  10. Just curious is she leaving in a week or something? Just a little confused on that and what to ask before I posted
  11. No, she just has a strong desire to join a professional orchestra as soon as she is out of high school. She's not going anywhere yet.