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  1. I am a lover of modern-fantasy like romances; I am most at home when I get to experiment with plot, creatures, twists and turns and most of all, a woman finding love in the most unlikely of places. At one point, I had a wonderful story that had everything I had ever asked for, but then I lost my partner because she found more favor and enjoyment on a different site. Now, I am on the hunt again trying to find another great story to write with an amazing partner...hopefully.

    Story Ideas:
    1. The Greek God- Zeus has realized that the young and beautiful gods, goddesses, deities and semi-deities of Olympus have grown bored of their golden world and has decided to open a portal to the mortal world, a new playground for them to explore. A certain god finds himself drawn to a beautiful island where the sun is bright and warm, the waters clear and cool, and a particular island woman has caught his attention. He courts her, spends every moment he can with her, learning of her world and her life and sharing with her his own, slowly, carefully, but fully. They wish their bliss could last forever, but of course, every smooth road becomes rocky along the way.
    2. The Vampire- There is a young woman who hides a secret; two of them actually. The first, she comes from a family of vampire hunters, a family she has separated herself from and haven't spoken to since she ran away from home when she was 16. The second, she has found love with the vampire male that moved into the house next to her own, a house that had been abandoned for years. She loves him unconditionally and would do anything for him...except tell him of her past, of her family name...of the family trait. Of course, every past comes back to haunt an individual, the woman trying to keep her lover safe from her vampire hunter family that have finally tracked her down and trying to keep herself alive when his vampire brethren discover her secrets.
    3. The Alpha Wolf- A young woman moves to London to help care for her ailing grandmother, since no one else was willing to do it and she didn't want her favorite elder to suffer on her own. There, she meets a man, unbelievably gorgeous with a strange wildness to him, especially in his eyes when they look at her. He is passionate and always seems to 'hunger' for something, those primal urges only intensifying when he's around her. She soon comes to learn that he is a species of werewolf, the alpha of his pack, and he has claimed her as his mate. Will she be able to survive his world and his love?
    4. The Demon- A woman finds herself on the receiving end of a devilishly handsome man's affection, his advances towards her- both amorous and sexual- overwhelming her to the point of pure submission...which was his intention all along. The man is a demon that had come for her soul...but in the process of stealing it from her, he finds that she took something from him. He fell in love with her and finds that when he finally has gained control of her soul, he cannot devour it. Instead, he decides to keep her as his lover, his one and only, bringing her sexual pleasure every night and tender affection by day while also trying to keep every other demon drawn to her from taking her.
    5. The Merman- A fisherman's daughter decides to take a solo trip when her father falls ill and can't make the trip with her. While pulling in the heavy next, she notices a strange, heavy, thrashing tugging on the net that begins to worry her, the girl making herself believe that maybe she had just caught a shark or something big like that. It isn't until she has pulled the net completely out of the water that she realizes what it was that had caught. It was one of mythologies most famous creatures that was born with the torso of a human and the tail of a fish. She had caught a merman. And thus begins the tale of love between two worlds.
    6. Dimensional Prince- A young woman heeds her grandmother's request to spend the summer at her house in the mountains, figuring that maybe she was just lonely and would like a little more company than that of her very few friends, the mailman, and her two dogs that she cared for. What she didn't expect was to fall into her grandmother's well and then resurface in a whole new a kingdom. While wandering around, trying to figure out where she was, she is suddenly kidnapped by the guards of a woman that looks just like her in every way, but is also a princess! The princess and the regular woman switch places, against the regular woman's wishes, and she is sent, in the princess's stead, to meet with the prince of the kingdom as his fiance. The regular woman tries to keep up the charade for as long as possible, hoping that the real princess would come to her senses soon and end these games. What she didn't expect was to start falling in love with the prince and to have him fall in love with her.
    These are the ideas that have been bouncing around in my head thus far. Any of these I would love to play out, to see what excitement I could create with my partner. I will be playing the female in every story, as I'm terrible at playing the male as anything but a secondary character, and am looking for someone to play the male.

    I encourage for any female players that feel they can portray a man accurately to respond to this thread request as well as I don't care what gender my partner is behind the character as long as the character themselves are portrayed correctly.

    My post lengths range anywhere from 2 paragraphs to much, much more. I am more than capable of writing a long post, adding details and such, especially when my partner is exceptionally creative in giving me something to respond to. I will not do one-liners and will not accept a partner if that is their preferred post length.

    I would like for my partner to be able to contribute creatively to the rp and not wait for my signal or my word at each turn. If you feel you have a good plot twist, by all means apply it. I also don't mind brainstorming if that makes you feel more comfortable before posting your twist, especially if it might change the direction of the story drastically.

    As of late, my patience is being tested and I'm learning that I have to have an abundance of it, which I think I am doing well in obtaining! So, all I ask is that you post at least once a day. If you can post more than once, splendid! If you can only post once, I can deal with that now. I even understand that sometimes, things happen and you can't post for two days, I've done that before as well, but let's not make that a habit. I require at the very least one post a day.

    And that is all. If anyone is interested, please just send me a PM. Don't reply here. Thank you.
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  2. Hello! Im interested in both idea 2 and 3, but I think I'm leaning more on idea 3! So if your still looking for a partner for that role play, let me know because I' definitely in!
  3. Added a new story!
  4. I am so very interested in a couple of your ideas, but unfortunately my busy schedule usually doesn't permit me to reply too often except on weekends. :/ Perhaps in the future we could make something work. ^^'
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  6. really love the demon idea. lets play!
  7. I would be interested in the options 1 and 4. Play as a Demon sounds really good and in the other hand playing as a God. I love Greek Gods and even if I'm a woman, I feel confident enough into a male role. I have time enough to post at least one per day and surely I'll try my best to make the play fun, interesting and something that can be challenging on both sides.

    If you want to play with me, feel free to send me an PM.
  8. I am loving the interest shown here! However, it appears those that wish to play are not reading all the way through and are skipping the part where I state "please send me a PM if you are interested". That is the only place where I will hash out the details with you before starting the rp and it tells me that you are legitimately interested enough to contact me yourself.

    So, just to reiterate: if you are interested, please send me a PM. Thank you.
  9. Okay, two ideas opened back up. Let's see what happens now.