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  1. I'm a little afraid to try and jump into one of these roleplays that already has more than 5 or 6 pages of sign-ups, and I also feel like I'm in way above my head in terms of skill level. I enjoy just about every genre except for animal RPs, such as warrior cats and wolf packs. I was wondering if any of you lovely folks have RPs that are just getting started that I may have missed or would be interested in doing a PRP.
  2. I got a few. one i'm considering a reboot as a member has not posted in a long time.
  3. Oh boy! Well, how do you feel about modern fantasy in the sub-genre of paranormal?
  4. It depends on the plot. I've done it before and had a blast, but on the same note, I've ended up dropping out of a few.
  5. @MyImmortalWolf Well, in my signature there are two paranormal small group roleplay. The first one is called Redwood, the second one is called Victorian Era. If you want to check those threads out, feel free to do so. They're also in the global signups, so you can find them easily.
  6. How do you feel about medieval fantasy? I think I might have something for you if you're interested. Open world, lots of creative license for players, and it's listed as adept level. You could handle it, I think, if you want to put in the effort for it.
  7. Well I made a bleach Roleplay interest check that has no signers yet if you're interested.
  8. I feel you on that! ^ :ashamed: I did just put an Interest Check up pertaining to an Apocalyptic type RP? It's kind of an out-there idea, but if that's your thing. :)
Thread Status:
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