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  1. I haven't been on Iwaku in forever and I made this new account to give me a fresh start!

    I really think by checking out my profile you could get a good sense of who I am as an RPer, but just in case you don't want to waste a few clicks:


    This member is accepting the following type of roleplay invitations.
    Group Roleplays, One[x]One Roleplays, Libertine Roleplays
    How frequently the member can post.
    Speed of Light, Several Posts a Day, A Few Posts A Day, One Post a Day, A Few Posts a Week
    The writing levels this member prefers. [View the Guide]
    Elementary, Intermediate, Adept
    GENDER(S) I PREFER PLAYING:I play both Genders equally.
    SEXUAL ORIENTATION OF MY CHARACTERS:Gay Males, Lesbian Ladies, Bisexual
    FAVORITE GENRE:I really love cheesy romance, fantasy, modern fantasy, slice of life, yaoi, yuri. I'm pretty open to mostly anything. I need a bit of help in sci-fi, might rely on you to set up either world building or specific tech in such an RP? It's the one genre where my imagination sags a bit.
    LEAST FAVORITE GENRE:PWP, chat rp that isn't just over Skype or something silly like that
    A passive player is someone who needs direction and likes their partner to lead the story. An aggressive players likes directing action and controlling the plot. Some players do both.
    Passive in Sci-Fi, in between everywhere else.
    These are things the member really loves in their roleplays.
    Big bad monsters who seems scary until you get to know them. Romance (especially crushes that kinda build on top of themselves). BDSM as an element in the relationship -- if you read 50 Shades of Grey and liked it unironically, gtfo.
    The kind of characters the member plays most often.
    Tiny 'protect at all cost' innocents, witchy women who live in the woods, magicians, things that are half animal in a mythological way and not a furry way
    The kind of characters the member WILL NOT play.
    Characters like Spock, basically
    Scenes and plots the player really wants to play.
    Yandere Schoolgirls??? Hannigram??? Great Gatsby??? Something w/ deer men who have hot yaoi sex???
    WRITING SAMPLE:**An example of something I'll throw together as an idea and maybe send to you:

    The dark took over, it's affect on the halfling all encompassing and immediate.

    Not just half a moment before had his sensitive ears picked up on a strange and unfamiliar shuffling headed towards him, frightening him half to death. In his moment of cowardice, he'd dropped his lantern to the forest floor, and the light had gone out. His gasp rang out just after the crack of glass partially shattering on rock, leaving him well aware of the silence that followed.

    They both knew of each other's presence now. Both made equal by the dark. Of course, Faeryn was not taking into account that the Beast lived in the darkness. Hatched, slithered, coiled, and sprang on it's prey in the darkness. He, on the other hand, was an intruder.

    Faeryn was used to the near picture-esque comfort of the tiny farm at the edge of civilization. His largest trouble only the occasional stray lamb. And it was that exact trouble that had left him lightless - soon to be lifeless - and alone in the woods. Or, not quite alone.

    His not quite human heart hammered inside his chest - parasympathetic nervous system reacting and choosing 'fight'. In a sense. 'Fight' for a halfling meant staying completely still. They were not an incredibly expansive race.

    It had been lifetimes before either he or the thing in the shadows had made a sound when- there it was. That strange rustling. It made his skin crawl. The anxiety was going to send him into a coughing spell, and he'd be attacked, and he'd die.

    Then, a new sound. A croaning that made his very soul ache. A mournful cry, full of pain. Though, it was not that of a lamb, but some unknown thing... Perhaps... the thing?

    On shaking knees, Faeryn walked towards the wild cries of pain. Roars escaping whatever lay in the dirt and leaves. Behind thick brush lay something, struggling at a lock too complex for it's large, sharp, black fingers. They were clearest in the faint moonlight, shiny and slick with it's own blood. Whatever it was must have been badly hurt in a trap while stalking Faeryn or the lamb. He couldn't stand to hear it suffer...

    He dared take a step forward, rustling and disturbing his personal silence. Whatever it was made a sound of alarm, presumably looking straight at him. In the dark, there was no real way to know. Helpfully, a single beam of moonlight lit up his skin to a nearly translucent pale.

    Instead of making the thing lust for blood, it seemed to be put at ease by his lack of menace.

    Crouching forward, the halfling kept his eyes, instead on the lock. Monster hunters, he’d thought, were brave heros, keeping the darkness at bay. He could see now, they were cowards. Not even daring to face the thing they called unspeakable evil? Hell, if he could do it, so could they!

    It was a simple matter for his more dextrous hands. There was a click, and a swish of some sort of appendage, and the thing seemed to be gone.

    Faeryn let out a puff of a sigh. That simple noise, however, seemed to call the monster back. Ghosting in front of his face, a bright yellow pattern of an eye which seemed to glow. Then that closed - blinked?- and two cat like eyes opened. The same shade of yellow, much more real. The halfling didn’t dare breathe again as he was examined, but he couldn’t stop his knees from practically buckling and leaning him back against an ancient tree.

    The thing followed,and Faeryn felt trapped. Some helpless noise left his mouth, and the symbolic eye opened again. Something small, and warm, fell into his lap, and the thing was gone.

    Looking down with apprehension, Faeryn found something baffling.

    It was his baffled, lost lamb, completely unharmed.

    **An example of how I might RP:

    The last thing the great and the terrible Er could remember, was searing pain. It shot through their side, but not before their own fangs had cut deep into the wolf's artery. Blood had shot into their mouth, and within seconds the animal was limp between their jaws. Seconds after that, Er had given into the darkness and fallen asleep.

    Where they would up next, they did not know. It was surprisingly warm, and the floor had no leaves, but hay instead. They had no energy to use their psychic eyes to know what had happened. Instead, lazy reality based eyes would have to suffice. How they ached...

    Seeing the Halfling, Er felt grounded somehow. They tried to move towards them, but was stopped by the immense pain in their side. Looking down, they saw an unnatural bulge in their chest. Cracked, probably broken, rib bones.

    Turning their head to look up at the small thing again, they finally became aware of their own ragged breathing. If they had been left out in the wilderness, even next to an immediate source of food, they would have perished...

    A clawed hand reached out in front of the monster, palm turned upwards.

    I have quite a few OC's who I've worked really hard on, and would just love to share them with the world. Please respond, even if it's just to ask a few questions!
  2. I'd love to work something fxf out with you! Please PM me :)!
  3. Futa x one of my females? Pm me to work something out.
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