Seeking new players for established dragon tamer roleplay

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Hello kind iwakuers!

I have been running a fantasy role play about dragon tamers on iwaku for more than a year and a half and as time has passed, players have come and gone. We've had a pretty solid group of players, about 7 including me, that have been around since basically the very beginning of it.

Due to changes in our current player roster and a level of demand in the RP for more dragon tamers, I've decided to seek out a group of new, dedicated players to join the role play.

Worried you won't fit in? Don't you worry. I've added a plot twist to allow for new players to join and fit right in. You won't be as advanced as the veteran players but fear not. You'll have ample opportunity to excel. Furthermore, you'll be joining a role play with an already developed (and developing!) world.

The role play itself is called "Return of the Dragon Tamers: The Plague of Ogual" and can be found in the fantasy section, or by following this link! I also have a separate webpage for storing the lore and world information about this role play as its become quite a magnificent (and large) project!

Link to the IC
Link to the OOC
(Note: The OOC is not used much because we use a skype chat group and as the RP has been running for years, not months, we don't need the reference use of it anymore. The website has much more information)
Info Site Link (Please click "Return of the Dragon Tamers" tab to find an introduction!)

If anyone is interested in dedicated to a long term role play of such a sort, please PM me!

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