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  1. Hullo! I'm looking for some new rps to try out. I've gotten a little tired of same old same old. Currently I am interested in an rp about supernatural beings/events, or mixing science with magic, perhaps the relationship between an AI or android and their creator, or if you're thinking of something completely different, try me!

    Here's the resume:

    OPEN TO INVITES:One[x]One Roleplays, Chat Roleplays, Mature Roleplays
    PLAYING HABITS:I'm okay with marathoning into midnight or just one message a day, depending on how well my wrists are doing that particular day, they can get a little sore if I go too long. Please, either a few sentences or a paragraph is fine, I can't do more than that otherwise I feel as though it reveals too much.
    GENDER(S) I PREFER PLAYING:I play both Genders equally.
    FAVORITE GENRE:Magic, Demons, Supernatural events or beings, Fantasy, Furry, Sci-fi, Naga, Mythological creatures, Romance, (any orientation really, I enjoy male/male relationships currently but that doesn't mean I don't like to do others) Surreal, Slice of Life, etc.
    LEAST FAVORITE GENRE:"Yaoi" (as in the old tired seme/uke system) Horror, (different from gore or creepy/supernatural events) Hardcore BDSM, Inflation, Vore, and others. If you want to rp based on a fetish, please ask me first and I may or may not be comfortable with it.
    PLAYING STYLE:Passive agressive for me. If you want control of the story, gor for it, or if you want me to control it, just say so.
    PLOT CANDIES:Supernatural beings/events, Demons, Angels, Devils, Artificial intelligence, Magic, Aliens, Robots, Sci-fi, Tentacle monster, shower scenes, hot man on man action, Nagas, Snakes, Furries, orientations other than straight/gay/bi, (not that I won't do those) exploration of gender identity or presentation.
    CHARACTER STEREOTYPES:Big strong manry demon, supernatural being or science experiment trying to live a normal life, demon that acts like a teenage 15 year old girl, shy awkward boy/girl, fun and extremely open character, bored god, godling trying to figure stuff out, loyal but old fashioned knight.
    CHARACTER NO-GOS:Character that does inexcusable actions for no reason but its ok because he's still 'hot' somehow, villains with no background or motivation, hyperactive 'random' characters, characters that 'enjoy' being raped or molested or other forms of nonconsensual actions.
    RANDOM NOTES:I am generally open to most things as long as they are mentioned/discussed before the actual roleplay begins, and I don't mind serious or silly plots as long as it is consistent.
    Jerimiah walked into the room with his usual pace, quick, sharp, and with purpose. He approached the cafe counter, not really looking the cashier in the eyes as he fiddled with the calendar on his phone.

    "A tall black coffee please, and make it quick, I am very much in a hurry."

    STYLE B:

    Jeremiah: (walking into the room with his usual pace, quick, sharp, and with purpose, he approached the cafe counter, not really looking the cashier in the eyes as he fiddled with the calendar on his phone) A tall black coffee please, and make it quick, I am very much in a hurry.


    SEXUAL ORIENTATION OF MY CHARACTERS:Straight, Gay Males, Lesbian Ladies, Bisexual, Pansexual, Asexual
    NATURE OF MY CHARACTERS:Dominant, Submissive, both, a little of each, depends on the character and their nature.
    MY SEX SCENE STYLE:Reasonably descriptive, I like to type out the noises the character is making, the sensations they're experiencing, little details about nails lightly dragging over skin or sudden shivers in the spine.
    PLOT BALANCE:Depends on how sexual the relationship is for the couple and how sexual you would want it to be, any is fine really, though I prefer at least some plot before the first initial sexual encounter along with an actual relationship between the characters engaging in said sex.
    SEXY EXLORATION:Consentual, dominants trying out being submissive, characters exploring mild fetishes or general sexual exploration, shower/ bathing scenes, manly action, sweethearts finally laying down together, smooches in the elevator, under the blanket cuddles/sex, exploring sex without knowledge of how to go about sex.
    SCENE WISHLIST:Android or other science experiment attempting sexual relationship with scientist creator, priest trying not to have sexual desire for demon but failing, long time sweethearts finally having sex, manly demon trying to have relationship with awkward boy, woman who identifies as male having relationship with man who identifies as female, shower scenes, food play, bath tub fun.
  2. Interesting. There's a tried and true plot bunny I like to use for Yuri RPs, if you're interested. You may or may not have seen it before, but it's definitely different. If you're interested in hearing it, drop a PM so we don't clutter your thread.
  3. I'm looking for some roleplay to do! Mind if I give a go with you?
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